Mistress Killer

‘Mistress Killer’ of China Terminates Extramarital Affairs

Holly| January 13, 2017

Think about it, you are happily married to your “dream guy” for years when suddenly, out of the blue, he decides to leave you for another woman. While most women would choose to peacefully move on with their lives, this one gives new meaning to the catchphrase “Don’t get mad, get even.”

Being given the title of “Mistress Killer” can raise a lot of eyebrows. But for Zhang Yufen of Shaanxi province in Mainland Chinait has become her way of life. For 15 years, she has dedicated her life to helping scorned women investigate their husband’s affairs and take revenge on their mistresses.

Meet the Woman Who Is Dubbed the “Mistress Killer” of China

Zhang Yufen

Zhang Yufen goes by plenty of names. She is sometimes referred as “China’s top ladies’ detective” or “terminator of extramarital affairs.” But many media outlets who got wind of her story have dubbed her as the infamous Mistress Killer.

Yufen declared an all-out war against adultery after experiencing the heartbreaking act herself. It all started when she discovered that her husband, who worked as a driver in the taxation bureau of Xi’an, had an affair with another woman. He later told Yufen that he was leaving her to be with his mistress. To add salt to the wound, he took everything they had including their life savings and left without a trace.

Naturally, Yufen experienced a long grieving period to cope with her ordeal. She admitted to spending days crying while trying to make sense of what just happened. But instead of continuously feeling sorry for herself, she decided to get up and exact revenge on her good-for-nothing husband and his equally low-life mistress.

Beating Mistress

After gathering enough evidence of their affair, not only did Yufen get freedom from her indecent husband, but she was also awarded a handsome payout from her former spouse.

After successfully taking down her ex-husband, Yufen got calls from other women who were looking to catch their spouses in the act. One of her early clients was a woman whose daughter killed herself after her son-in-law had cheated on her. Due to the lack of evidence of his affair, the grieving mother could not pursue any criminal charges.

A Pact Against Cheating Husbands and Mistresses

Phoenix Detective Agency

It was that particular tragedy that motivated Yufen to set up the Phoenix Detective Agency in 2003. Together with nine other female acquaintances, they are committed to terminating extramarital relationships before things get worse for those emotionally involved.

But the women apparently do more than just investigating. After they track down the other woman, they gang up to beat the living daylights out of them.

Alliance Against Mistresses

In one instance, Yufen recalls slamming the woman to the ground while kicking her groin. They aren’t afraid to do it in public areas either, as the police are on their side.

The acts performed by the famous Mistress Killer and her Alliance Against Mistresses come on the heels of an increasing rate of adultery in China. Many ignorant men have turned their back on marriages as a result of pressure, money, and a vulgar display of power.

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