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Amber Pollard: Mom Chases Carjacker After He Speeds Away with Her Kids

Holly| January 19, 2017
They say that a mother’s love is like nothing in this world.
Amber Pollard of Layton, Utah, is a prime example of someone who would risk her own life for the safety of her children. 
Pollard was in the midst of packing her children up in the car when the unimaginable happened. A criminal on the run suddenly showed up, jumped in the front seat of her vehicle, and sped away with the kids in tow.

Amber Pollard: Utah Mother Bravely Chases After Carjacker

Carjacking Incident

The terrifying crime happened in front of Amber Pollard’s apartment complex, when the mother of two was getting ready to leave with her boyfriend and her young sons, 3-year-old Brayden and 7-month-old Julian.

What could have been another normal day turned into a complete nightmare when a man on the run from the cops jumped in the front seat of their vehicle. Pollard’s boyfriend tried desperately to fend him off while the quick-thinking mom pleaded with him to at least let her unbuckle her kids from the backseat.

Amber Pollard

The man, identified as 26-year-old Tyler Allen Williams,  began yelling that the cops were coming. He suddenly put the vehicle on gear, causing Amber Pollard to fall back.

“I just kept saying please my kids, my kids, just let me get my kids. At that time my boyfriend was trying to grab the steering wheel whatever he could do,” she told “He backed out and the rear door was open where my son was. [The door] bounced off the pole off the side hit me, I fell I rolled and I got up and started to chase after the car.”

Pollard’s kids were still in the backseat when Williams drove off. The police were not able to keep up with him as he was driving in dangerously high speed. Luckily, the carjacker’s conscience got the best of him and he dropped off the two young boys in front of a convenience store. Williams was finally taken into custody the next day when he was caught in yet another carjacking incident.

Amber Pollard showed an amazing amount of love for her children when she risked her own life to save theirs. She went public with her story, hoping that no family will ever get to experience the nightmare she went through.

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