Police Escort to Prom

Daughter of Slain Officer Gets Police Escort to Prom

Holly| January 25, 2017

Back in December 2014, 45-year-old veteran Police Officer Charlie Kondek was shot and killed while on duty. The entire community grieved his loss, but nobody was more heartbroken than the family he left behind.

Years later, his squad came together to honor their fallen comrade. In doing so, Officer Kondek’s loyal comrades saw to it that his teenage daughter, Aleena, got her very own police escort to prom.

Daughter of Officer Killed in Line of Duty Gets Police Escort to Prom

Aleena Kondek

Officer Charlie Kondek was fatally shot after he responded to a noise complaint back in 2014. The suspect was a 23-year-old fugitive named Marco Antonio Parilla Jr. According to reports, Parilla shot the veteran police officer because he was afraid of having to go back to jail. He later ran over him with his vehicle and sped away.

Parilla’s cowardly actions came at the cost of Officer Kondek’s life. He was later taken into custody and was charged with first-degree murder without bail.

Charlie Kondek

Aside from the Kondek family, the Tarpon Springs Police Department were also deeply affected by his death. Officer Kondek was described as “good-natured, friendly,” and that he simply had a zest for life.

To honor him in the greatest way possible, they decided to step into the late officer’s shoes and provide his daughter Aleena with a police escort to prom. The teenager had no clue that they were planning something this elaborate, so when the day finally rolled in, there was not a dry eye in sight.

Tarpon Springs Police Department

In an interview with Fox 13 News, Aleena expressed her gratitude toward their warm gesture:

“I know he’s always with me. I just kept smiling throughout the day because I know he’s watching down,” she said, “and I know he’s probably tearing up watching me put makeup on and getting my hair done. They’re my dad’s brothers, and they’ve been stepping in, and they’re amazing.”

The officers lined up as soon as she got on the bus, and they later led her straight into the ballroom. Deep down in her heart, Aleena knows she’ll never be alone as her father’s comrades will always be there to guide her through every step of the way.

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