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Five Take Flight: Utah Couple Searching for Nanny to Join Their Travels

Holly| January 12, 2017

M’Kenzie and Derek Tillotson of Utah run a family travel blog called Five Take Flight. The couple, together with their three young children, are planning to embark on an epic journey around the world.

Now most people would think that this would not be easy as the kids are all under the age of 5 and everyone knows how difficult it is to travel with toddlers. The Five Take Flight couple are looking to handle that situation by hiring a travel nanny who will be willing to assist them on their trips. Little do they know, their Facebook ad would later go viral, and an overwhelming number of travel junkies are sending their applications in hopes of getting the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Five Take Flight: Vlogging Family Seeks Travel Nanny for $19K a Year

Five Take Flight
Photo: Five Take Flight/Facebook

The family travel blog Five Take Flight chronicles the lives of M’Kenzie and Derek Tillotson and their three kids. The couple sold their home in Utah so they could go globetrotting to the most exotic locations around the world.

In a video posted on their official Web site and Facebook page, the Tillotsons stated that they were looking for a nanny to help look after their children as they travel.

The family is scheduled to start their trip in July 2017. They are set to visit New York City first, then Scandinavia, Iceland, and the rest of Europe. The family will later return home for the holidays where they will rest for two weeks before jetting off to Hawaii, New Zealand, and finally Asia.

Tollitson Family

The hired travel nanny will get to enjoy a variety of benefits including free travel, food, and accommodation. On top of that, they will be paid $1200–$1500 a month while enjoying 1–2 days off a week.

The post has reached over 20,000 responses so far. According to the Five Take Flight Web site, they are formally closing the application period and are now finalizing the waiting list.

Controversy and criticisms

Although many young girls see this as a positive opportunity, the Tillotsons have also been a subject of criticism. Social media users pointed out that a measly $1500 salary is not enough for someone who cooks, cleans, and homeschools the kids. The chosen nanny will reportedly not receive any health insurance and their work hours are not guaranteed. Users have gone on to recommend legitimate agencies instead.

M'Kenzie Tillotson
Five Take Flight/Facebook

But despite the backlash, there is no stopping the Five Take Flight family as individuals from all walks of life have already submitted their application and voiced out their gratitude to the family for providing this amazing opportunity. The Tillotsons have yet to release the name of the lucky winner and are setting up a waiting list as of the moment.

If interested to learn more about the travel nanny job, head over to their official travel Web site.

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