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Meet ‘The Green Lady’ Who Has Worn Only Green for the Past 20 Years

Holly| January 9, 2017

To her friends and family, she is Elizabeth Eaton Rosenthal. But to social media and the people of Brooklyn, she is known as The Green Lady of Carroll Gardens.

Rosenthal or Elizabeth Sweetheart, as she is sometimes called, works as an artist in her hometown of Brooklyn, New York. For the past twenty years, she has gained a considerable amount of fame from dressing in shades of green from head to toe.

Elizabeth Rosenthal: The Green Lady of Carroll Gardens

Elizabeth Eaton Rosenthal

With a smile on her face, The Green Lady of Carroll Gardens tells the New York Times that she simply cannot wear anything besides the color green. Rosenthal added that she has often associated the color with everything positive in this world.

But Rosenthal has not always identified as the Green Lady. At one point of her life, she had a thing for 1930s print dresses. She later started using single colors before finally settling down with green. Now 74 years old, Rosenthal has no regrets with her color of choice.

Elizabeth Sweetheart

Rosenthal began to experiment with the hue when she first painted her nails with green nail polish and matched it with a neon lime streak on her hair.

In addition to her appearance, Rosenthal sees to it that her things at home are in different shades of green. Everything from towels, skin care products, and even furniture and appliances are all in green!

“I never planned for any of this to happen,” Sweetheart told The New York Times. “It’s not an obsession. It just happened naturally. I’ve always used color, collected color. Maybe it was because I grew up in Nova Scotia, and after moving to New York, I missed having green all around me.”

The response from the public has been overwhelmingly positive so far, as Elizabeth’s husband, Dylan, has claimed that some people even stop just to take photos with his wife.

The Green Lady of Carroll Gardens

Apparently, adapting to an “evergreen” lifestyle is not all that easy. Finding clothes in that particular shade can be quite a challenge as not all retail shops have that specific color. Elizabeth has scoured through the racks of GapKids and Old Navy to find clothes. During her spare time, Elizabeth has admitted on dyeing some outfits herself.

When asked if she could ever feel tired of the tantalizing shade, Elizabeth told the New York Times that it “keeps getting better every day.”

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