Ciro Ortiz: New York’s 11-Year-Old Subway Therapist

Safe to say, 2016 has been quite the year. Not only did the world mourn the loss of icons from the music and movie industry, but fear also struck the hearts of every individual as tension ran high between different nations. Meanwhile, Donald Trump winning the elections has caused the stock market to come tumbling down while hate crimes continue to be more rampant around the country. During these stressful times, it is always for the best to have someone to talk to. And so here comes Ciro Ortiz, the 11-year-old who has a pop-up shop at a New York subway station. For just $2, Ortiz offers a five-minute session filled with deep emotional advice.

Ciro Ortiz: 11-Year-Old Subway Therapist

Ciro Ortiz, Therapist, New York If you happen to be down in the dumps and looking for some pieces of advice, you’ll get exactly just that from Ciro Ortiz. The young therapist has gone viral after setting up his shop at subway station.  While licensed therapists charge thousands of dollars for one session, Ortiz asks for a measly $2. Ciro Ortiz sets up his shop every Sunday at the Bedford L subway station. He sits on a folding table with a cardboard sign that reads “EMOTIONAL ADVICE $2.” It may be hard to believe that anyone in the right mind would ask for advice from an 11-year-old, but a number of people do stop for a session.
“People ask about their relationships, about being confused in what to do with their life, or Donald Trump,” Ortiz said in an interview with “I just tell them to look at the simplicity of their problem. To just find the simple answer, what do they need and the answer is usually simple.”
From the looks of it, Ortiz is wise beyond his years. He noticed that if there is one thing that his clients share in common, it is their fear of change. He even told the New York Post that it is important for people to accept that “life is always changing.” emotional advice kid, Ciro Ortiz The boy’s parents, Jasmin Aequitas and Adam Ortiz, have said that their son has always been mature for his age. Unfortunately, his wisdom led to bullying from his classmates. He later found a way to channel his frustration by offering advice to other bullied kids in his school. Ciro Ortiz later expanded to giving pieces of advice to a wider audience after setting up his shop. For those wondering where he spends his hard-earned money, both his parents have said that he uses it to buy lunch for those who can’t afford it. If you wish to follow this amazing young boy on social media, you may visit his Instagram account @emotionaladvicekid.