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Miracle Baby Returns to Life After Feeling Mother’s Touch

Holly| December 15, 2016

For every parent, a newborn child is considered to be a gift from above. But for David and Kate Ogg, their son turned out to be more than just a simple gift, as a series of remarkable circumstances made him a miracle baby.

Miracle Baby: Newborn Pronounced Dead Springs Back to Life

Miracle Baby

Young Jamie Ogg’s inspirational story began on the day he was born. The date was March 25, 2010, and mom Kate had just given birth to twins after a premature delivery. Shortly after, the couple was informed that only sister Emily had made it.

Both Kate and David recalled the time that they found out that Kate was going to labor at just 27 weeks into her pregnancy. They had a gut feeling that things were about to go wrong, and those fears became a reality when the doctor told them that the baby boy, whom the couple named Jamie, had died. The heartbreak that Kate and David felt was unimaginable, but they had to collect themselves to say their final goodbye.

The Ogg Family

As soon as the nurses placed little Jamie on Kate’s bare chest, the miracle baby started to show signs of life. But before Kate or Jamie could celebrate, the doctors shut them down by saying that it was merely a reflexive action and not a sign that he was still alive.

However, the tiny warrior was not ready to leave the world just yet. Just as the midwives were about to take him away, Jamie sucked on the breast milk Kate had placed on her finger. He got stronger and stronger as time went on, much to the astonishment and joy of everyone in the room.

The Science Behind the ‘Miracle Baby’

Jamie’s miracle birth story drew a lot of media attention. It helped publicize the importance of ‘kangaroo care’. Kangaroo care is a method where premature babies are given skin-to-skin contact with the mother for many hours possible during the day.

Emily, Jamie and Kate Ogg

While professionals warn that kangaroo care is not a cure to bring the dead back to life, many of those working in the medical field continue to do intensive research regarding the topic.

But for Jamie, together with his twin sister Emily, the two five-years-olds are just enjoying the time they spend together as a family. Their experience is something parents Kate and David will not forget anytime soon, and as David puts it, they certainly are the “luckiest people in the world.”

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