Teen Returns to Life After Being Pronounced Clinically Dead

Patient Zack Clements
At just 17, Zack Clements already had an amazing story to tell. The teen was pronounced clinically dead for approximately 20 minutes on the 5th of May, which happened to be his 17th birthday. Amazingly, he lived to see another day and experienced no long-term effects of his ordeal. Find out more about Zack’s touching story of divine intervention below.

Zack Clements: Texas Teen Says He Saw Jesus After Dying

Zack Clements Texas teenager Zack Clements spent 20 minutes of his 17th birthday being clinically dead in his school’s football field. By what can only be called divine intervention, Zack is alive and well enough to share details of his astonishing experience. It all started when Zack collapsed after experiencing a cardiac arrest during football endurance training. His teammates, coach, and a  professional paramedic team tried to desperately revive the boy but to no avail. Zack Clements and Paramedic Team It turned out that for the 20 minutes that he was unconscious, Zack had no pulse and his breathing had completely stopped. In an interview with People magazine, Zack’s attending cardiologist confirmed that the teen was considered dead at that time.
“For 20 minutes, he was legally dead,” Dr. Lisa Roten said. “We were worried he may have suffered irreversible brain damage.”
As soon as his heart began beating on his own, the quick-thinking medical team placed him in a medically induced coma. Zack’s body temperature needed to be lowered down to allow his brain to recover from the trauma. His doctors found that his heart failure was due to rhythm problem, inflammation, and a slightly abnormal coronary artery. Despite his grim diagnosis, Zack woke up several days later and began to tell a story that shocked the whole world.

A Miraculous Encounter

Jesus Zack Clements woke up three days later at the Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth, Texas. The first thing he told his parents was that he had seen a man whom he described as having “a thick beard; blue eyes; and long, ruffled hair.” Zack soon realized that it was Jesus and went on to say that when He saw Him, He was surrounded by angels. Zack told People magazine:
“He put his hand on my shoulder and told me that everything was going to be all right. It made me feel like someone was watching over me and I was going to get through it. Since it happened, I feel like I’m a stronger person.”
Zack’s parents were so shocked by his story that his mother, Teresa, videotaped her son as he shared his amazing experience. Since the video was uploaded, numerous comments began flooding in. The reactions have been mixed so far, but Zack’s family has stuck by his side no matter what.
“People can argue science and logic, but they can’t argue somebody’s personal experience,” says his dad Billy Clements. “They can’t take that away from Zack.”