10 Celebrities Who Lost Astounding Amounts of Weight

Celebrities live their lives under the spotlight. One small issue and they end up being scrutinized and criticized by everyone. Because of the nature of the industry, lots of them have set unrealistic expectations upon themselves, regardless of the repercussions that may take a toll on their bodies, or even their health. In the world of entertainment, weight change has been among the most common issues celebrities have to deal with. Whenever they lose or gain weight, TV shows and gossip papers will really dissect the cause for the change. And, for them to deal with the pressure of always looking a certain way, they oftentimes resort to strict diets, which may eventually lead to eating disorders. Whatever triggered them to do so, there are celebrities, who managed to really lose astounding amounts of weight and listed below are just some of them:

10. Jonah Hill – lost 40 pounds

Jonah-Hill celebrities Jonah Hill has always been open about his experience in losing weight. In 2011, he landed a role in 21 Jump Street. In preparation for it, he started working to lose 30 lbs and made sure he would be fit and well-prepared for all the action scenes. In order to attain his goal, he hired a personal trainer and a nutritionist. His efforts paid off well and he exceeded his goal and lost more than 40 lbs.

9. Christina Aguilera – lost 50 pounds

Christina-Aguilera celebrities Christina Aguilera have had problems about weight. But, regardless of the pounds she put on, everybody always envied her for her hourglass shape. After the birth of her second child though, she wanted to lose weight. So, she went on a strict diet, which involved the consumption of only 1,600 calories per day. She also followed a workout routine. Within three months, she was able to shed off 30 lbs.

8. 50 Cent – lost 50 pounds

50-Cent celebrities 50 Cent always has this bulky and muscular build. However, when he got the role as a cancer stricken basketball player in the film Things Fall Apart, he had to slim down. Prior to playing his role, he went on a strict liquid diet. He also spent three hours training each day. From 216 lbs., his weight eventually went down to 157 lbs. After a few months though, he was able to gain his weight back and got a healthier look.

7. Raven Symone – lost 70 pounds

Raven-Symone celebrities Since she was three, Raven Symone has already been in the spotlight. And like other celebrities, she also dealt with criticisms about her weight. Despite this, she didn’t let these criticisms affect her. When her show That’s So Raven ended, she focused on her health. She ate healthy foods and worked out several times a week. Since then, she has started to feel much better and she began losing weight drastically. She went back into the limelight for her show State of Georgia, after she has already lost more than 70 lbs. This time, her body was totally different that the costume designers on the set had to change her outfits to make her look curvier.

6. Jennifer Hudson – lost 80 pounds

Jennifer-Hudson Jennifer Hudson became an official sponsor of the ever popular Weight Watchers in 2010. She joined them because she was seeking better alternatives to lose the weight she gained over her pregnancy. Within her four years endorsement of the brand, she was able to lose more than 56 lbs. Also, from a size 16, she managed to slim down to a size 6. When she finally achieved her preferred weight, she decided to stop using the program. But still, she continued slimming down until she lost a total of 80 lbs, and reached size 0.

5. Kirstie Alley – lost 100 pounds

Kirstie-Alley Over the years, Kirstie Alley had been struggling because of her weight. In fact, she made a movie titled Fat Actress, which was about the challenges she faced. Also, Kirstie was a spokesperson for the nutrition company Jenny Craig, for several years. During this time though, she struggled to keep her weight from getting back up again. To address this issue, she started working with doctors and nutritionists until they finally developed a plan that worked for her. She has been able to lose more than 100 lbs. and reached a size 4 from size 16.

4. Randy Jackson – lost 130 pounds

Randy-Jackson In 2001, American Idol judge Randy Jackson was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. It is a disorder caused by obesity and an unhealthy lifestyle. He then realized he lost control of his weight. So, he sought help to get rid of his problem. After two years, he underwent gastric bypass surgery and was able to lose 130 lbs. Although he gained weight sometimes, he was able to control this by following a strict diet and exercise.

3. Rachel Frederickson – lost 150 pounds

Rachel-Frederickson Rachel Frederickson is one of those who have the most inspiring stories from the weight loss show The Biggest Loser. As a participant, she was able to lose 155 lbs. Prior to joining the show, she weighed more than 260 lbs. But, when she started to exercise and eat right, she lost 155 lbs and reached a final weight of 105 lbs. At the end of the show, she was declared the winner and she felt so much better about herself.

2. Star Jones Reynolds – lost 160 pounds

Star-Jones In 2003, celebrities Star Jones Reynolds reached a point where she could no longer bear her weight. She realized she was having a hard time walking that she easily felt tired and out of breath. Eventually, her health slowly declined and she decided to do something about it. At that time, gastric bypass procedures were still new. Still, she took the courage and tried it. In a matter of three years, she lost 160 lbs. and dropped from a size 26 to size 6. After nine years, she shared her experience with her fans. She felt great about everything and kept herself in shape with exercise and proper diet.

1. Christian Bale

Christian-Bale celebrities Christian Bale has always been known for his dedication to his acting roles. One of his most unforgettable transformations is for his role in the 2004 film The Machinist, wherein he portrayed Trevor Reznik. For this, he lost 63 lbs within four months by only eating an apple and coffee every day. After one year, he started filming Batman Begins. But, his role required him to achieve a muscular build. In order to do so, he followed a high-carb diet and underwent a daily three-hour training session. Before filming, he gained 60 lbs. of muscle. In 2010, he was required to lose 60 lbs. again to play the role of a crack addict in the film The Fighter. After which, he was asked to bulk up again for his role as Bruce Wayne in the 2012 movie The Dark Knight Rises. The following year, he played a con artist in American Hustle. So, he had to develop a muscular physique. By eating only fast food, he gained a total of 40 lbs. With such incredible body transformations, it’s no wonder why he tops this list. Some of the celebrities on this list have undergone drastic weight loss in order to cope with the pressures of the industry. While others chose to do this in order to live a healthy life, others have done this to look right for their roles. Whether they choose to ride on the pressure or not, it’s really up to them to decide.