Allison Frosh – Building Her Way into Fulfilling Her Aspirations

Allison Frosh Born of Romanian parents but adopted into a beautiful family at birth, Allison Frosh grew up loved. However, people always commented on how different she looked. There were even those who were mean enough to say that she looked ugly. But, it was exactly her unique looks that got her to where she is now. Allison Frosh The Beginning of a Dream Although Allison has always loved being in front of the camera since she was still a kid, it was not until 2011 when she got her first professional modeling job. She was asked then by her hairdresser at the Hugo Salon if she was willing to model for them. Allison Frosh Allison accepted and amazed not just the hairdresser and his wife, but also the photographer. She said they couldn’t believe it was her first professional photo shoot. Allison Frosh “They said that I knew where to look in the camera and my emotions came through into the photos and they were just really impressed,” Allison recalled. Allison Frosh She said it was at that moment when she realized that her looks, which were always described very different, unique and sometimes even ugly, were not actually bad. In fact, they were even paying off for her. It was at that point when Allison thought it made sense for her to take acting and modeling seriously. Allison Frosh Taking Her Aspirations Further It turned out that she was right to do just that. The young aspiring model totally impressed the owner of the salon that she was also made the face of the salon the next year at 2012 and this just started the ball rolling for her. Allison Frosh Aside from getting several modeling jobs working for various photographers, Allison got herself on the cover of a local magazine Emjayagraphy. She also became part of a pilot for a reality show titled, Strip Club Queens and got herself a spot on a runway show for a Kardashian clothing line at Red Maple in Baltimore, Maryland. Allison Frosh To further her modeling and acting career, Allison moved to Los Angeles where she had multiple photo shoots to build up her portfolio. She also worked as a go-go dancer for some of the hottest nightclubs in the city, which opened more doors for her, including getting a part in music video of Boys Noize’s What You Want and a shoot with photographer Peter Baratti at Beverly Hills. Allison Frosh Allison Frosh Banking on Her Talent, Heart, Passion and Hard Work The aspiring model and actress said that a lot of successful people have told her that her talent combined with her story, heart, drive and passion will definitely take her far into the realms of success. Even so, this did not make Allison go slow and complacent in working towards her dreams. Instead, this drove her further into building up her portfolio and showing more people what she is capable of. She even took it a step further and signed up with, the largest talent resource site in the world. Allison Frosh Allison was quoted
After being on the site for four months, over 200 casting directors have contacted me and I have had a lot of success getting auditions; I have multiple auditions coming up. Explore Talent has given me a lot of opportunities and exposure.
Allison Frosh With her commitment to seeking out opportunities that will take her career further, there is no denying that Allison Frosh is a talent to be reckoned with. Although she just gave birth four and a half months ago, the aspiring talent is already back on her feet, in tip-top shape and already modeling. Her ambition, passion, commitment and hard work will take her a long way into the fulfillment of her aspirations. Allison Frosh To know more about Allie Frosh, view the clip below: If you wish to know her more, also below are links to her social media accounts: Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest YouTube