Danny Souris Shares How Explore Talent Made Him a Star

Holly Bissonnette| October 2, 2014

Explore Talent launches the career of a versatile homegrown talent by the name of Danny Souris.

This all around entertainer from Gary, Indiana started out at the age of five. He recounts how his first stint in the entertainment industry came as he entertained his family members when he danced to the beat of The Beatles.

His career in music

Souris is one self taught artist who introduced himself to playing various instruments that included the drums, acoustic guitar and the harmonica. His first official and public stint in the performing arts came in the Music Industry. He worked as a DJ, an EMCEE.

This aspiring entertainer went on to pursue his musical career and felt that he was not pursing the highest form entertainment.

His journey to stardom required him to find the best resource that would help him pave his way to his highly anticipated acting career.

Danny Souris
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Then Explore Talent gave him that opportunity

The aspiring Souris received the needed boost to launch his ultimate dream career. His first contact with ET eventually flew him into one of America’s biggest entertainment capital, Chicago. And from there, his string of acting stints came pouring in.

Danny Souris
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Acting career

His first official acting job came as an extra in the pilot episode of the Matador that featured The Walking Dead actor Michael Rooker. His other acting stints Fox’s Chicago Code that featured actors Jennifer Beals and Jason Clarke.

Souris showed that the passion and perseverance are important in pursuing one’s dream. He cited famous icons like Thomas Edison who believed in themselves and in their abilities that they will be successful in what they are pursuing in life.

Danny Souris
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These traits are highly evident in Souris who still submitted forms and resumes for acting jobs. His latest acting job is in the television series entitled The Starz Network’s Boss.

Souris says that ET opened doors of opportunity for his budding acting career.

ET Danny Souris’ Success Story



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