Dominique Ayers – Changing Careers with the Help of Strength, Heart and Soul

Dominique Ayers – Changing Careers with the Help of Strength, Heart and Soul

Holly Bissonnette| January 21, 2015

Life may have been hard for ExploreTalent member Dominique Ayers, but he is determined to move forward and do whatever it takes to achieve success in the acting and modeling industries. Having the courage to face the reality of how he is not suited to the world of mixed martial arts (MMA), he is now on the path towards changing careers and gearing himself to face new challenges with positivity.




From MMA Fighter to Aspiring Actor and Model

This 23-year-old Ohio native went through a year of MMA fighting, had two fights and got a record of one and one. But, because he was beat up during these fights, he decided to put his fighting days on hold and work on something, which he believes will take him somewhere and this is acting and modeling.




“Right now, MMA’s on pause because it’s not really a career choice of mine, it’s rather something I liked to do just to stay fit and active and aware in life,” Ayers said in the video testimonial he did for ExploreTalent.

The aspiring talent was practical enough to realize that his physique was not up to the kind of rigors he was putting it up with in the past. He stressed that with mixed martial arts, he could end up dying young. But, with acting and modeling, which is what he wanted to do right now and in his near future, he can probably live up to a hundred.




Ayers stated, “That’s why I wanna get into acting and modeling because it’s something I’m really good at. I’m great at being in front of the camera and my personality stays high, my energy stays high and people can’t bring me down. You know, when it’s time to flip the switch, I’m there.”

Although the Little and Middle League football player has plans of pursuing his college education, which he only spent a year and a half on, he is now focusing his efforts on making a successful career change from being an MMA fighter to an actor and model.

Believes that Experience and Positivity Will See Him Through

Ayers said that with his experience of being quick and always staying in motion, he can definitely follow the footsteps of his mom, who was able to find success despite all her struggles.




“My mom showed me that she can be successful, so I can be, too,” he pointed out.

Although Ayers does not have any work experience yet that’s anything closely related to the entertainment industry, he is positive that with his strength, heart and soul, he will be able to make it.

“I find myself doing great in the future. I think this will work…I know this will work. I just need to get in front of the right person – I get in front of the right person, then it’s a wrap,” he enthused.




The aspiring talent, who is has been writing music since he was 12 years old, also emphasized that he is ready to face any hardships and that he is ready to take everything to the next level with his spark and intensity.

“To hardship, I’m great, man. I don’t need shoulder pads, I don’t need a helmet, I don’t need my UFC gloves…I just need myself,” he said.

Knows What He Wants and Grabs at It with Both Hands

Being no stranger to challenges after having experienced being homeless and staying in a shelter for two days, Ayers underscored that in life, you have to start little, but that you have to really grab at what you’re going for and fight for it the “rock and stone” way.

He said that he will never quit, even if he will be faced with the worst adversities, as he has the strength and will to really surge forward




“I’m a strong individual. I have been stabbed in every which direction and I stand strong…nobody can take my heart, nobody can take my soul and they will remember me whether I make it or not,” Ayers stressed.

Motivates Himself with Love and Family

A father of a three-year-old boy, Ayers revealed that he is lucky to have been able to provide for his son. He said his driving force right now to stay motivated is his family. Because his entire family is now spread out in different locations all over the country, he said his only wish is for them to be able to spend the holidays together.

The aspiring actor and model said he wants to bring everyone together because anything can happen in a flash and you might not see or hear from a person until you’ll be given the news that they’re dead. But, despite his deep reflections about life and family, he said that having always been a happy person, he wants to focus now on being positive at all times.




To his fellow aspiring actors and models, Ayers has this to say:

“Anything is possible, so live up to your expectations no matter what or you’re gonna be stuck in a bottomless pit of hopelessness. You are capable.”

For Dominique Ayer’s entire video testimonial for Explore Talent, check out the clip below:




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