Carlos Butler – On the Path of Success with Explore Talent

  Carlos Butler   Carlos Butler is just one of the hundreds of thousands aspiring to become an actor in Hollywood. However, unlike others who are still beating the pavement to get their chance at following their dreams, he is already on the path of getting there.   Carlos Butler     Carlos Butler   Carlos’s acting career seriously took off when he landed a role in the indie short film, California Dreaming in 2012. This was followed by a cross-over to theater with his portrayal of Priest Paneb in the original play, Sacred Drama, in June 2013.   Carlos-Butler---First-Project-(The-Agony,-The-Ecstasy)   Carlos-Butler---First-Project-(The-Agony,-The-Ecstasy)     After this, he continued to secure more feature roles in 2014. The up and coming actor recently completed Chocolate City, starring Tyson Beckford and Vivica Fox and Seth Rogan’s untitled Christmas film, which stars Seth Rogan, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Anthony Mackie.  Both films are set to be released next year.   Carlos Butler     Carlos Butler   Carlos’ most recent project came when he received a call to appear in the 8th episode of ABC’s second season of Resurrection, titled The Forsaken.  He was offered to stay for the remainder of the season as the stand-in for the character J. Martin Bellamy, which is played by Omar Epps.   Carlos Butler     Carlos Butler   The actor said he got the part when he applied for the New Faces of Arcadia, which was posted on When he went in and auditioned, he got accepted for a role on the 8th episode of the TV series instead. Although Carlos has been working in the TV and film industry for the past two years, he has only been a member of Explore Talent for about six months.   Carlos Butler with Lucky Phineas Nhlengethwa     Carlos-Butler-with-Adam-Simmons---Facebook   Originally from Charleston, South Carolina, Carlos is now living in San Diego, California where he is currently honing his craft at the San Diego Actors Workshop. This means that aside from becoming a member of Explore Talent, which is the biggest talent resource site in the world, he is also staying committed and being diligent in working hard to further his career as an actor.   Carlos Butler   Carlos Butler is the perfect epitome of how success comes to those who works hard for their dreams. This is how he has come to enjoy being right on the path towards making a name for himself in the showbiz industry.   Carlos Butler   To know more about Carlos Butler’s journey, check out his short testimonial below:     Photos of Carlos Butler – Courtesy of his Profile on