James Franco’s ‘Kill the Czar’ Casting Call for Extras

Casting directors and producers of the film, Kill the Czar, are currently looking for extras to work on certain scenes that will be filmed in Dallas, Texas. Although details about the upcoming film have not yet been released, it is already agreed that James Franco will star and direct Kill the Czar. Currently, casting calls are being held to find local talents to fill in various extra roles. For the featured extra roles, casting directors are looking to cast a male or female, aged 18 to 45, to play ninja. He or she must have a small build and excellent Parkour or ninja skills. They are also looking for six males, aged 30 to 39, with tall and muscular physique, to play goons and guards, as well as another male of the same age, who looks tough and strong, to portray the role of a fat goon. Though the filming date for all the featured extra roles is still on October 1 to 13, talents are expected to have flexible schedules. Those who get cast will then be paid $100 for every 10 hours of work. For the background extra roles, casting directors are searching for males or females, aged 18 to 35, to play club-goers in a scene. Talents should have at least 2 different outfits as they’ll be doing a lot of dancing. This role pays $72 for 10 hours. To be considered for any of the roles above, please submit a photo of yourself, as well as other important information, such as your name, contact details, and age. Send your application on or before September 30, 2015.

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