HBO Max’s ‘DMZ’ Starring Rosario Dawson Now Casting Extras

HBO Max Pilot DMZ

HBO will soon launch a new streaming service called HBO Max. With this comes the release of a slew of new programs that will surely keep viewers on edge. One of these is the Rosario Dawson–starred pilot DMZ. As production for the show kicks off, casting directors are currently seeking actors to fill background roles.

Just like the comic book it is based on, DMZ is set in the future where America struggles through a civil war. This war leaves Manhattan a demilitarized zone or DMZ. In the pilot, Rosario Dawson plays Alma Ortego, a mother who tries to save lives while looking for her son. On her journey, she encounters gangs, warlords, militias, and influencers who are trying to control the new world order.

Now, before the show starts, casting directors are looking for talents to work on some scenes.

Ten talents are sought to play patients. Talent must be 18 to 60 years old and thin-framed to be considered. Another ten are needed to appear on some scenes. You must have unique and eccentric hairstyle to qualify. Ten extras are also needed to join a rave scene. Applicant mist be Asian or Caucasian and should be 18 to 35 years old to be accepted.

If you are interested in any of the roles above or you would like to know more about the project, please click on the link below. Please take note that applications will only be accepted on or before March 11, 2020.


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