Amazon Studios’ ‘Panic’ Now Filling Speaking Roles

Amazon Studio is set to launch a new series, which will reportedly be called Panic. To complete some scenes, casting directors are looking for talents who will have to take on some speaking roles.

Based on the novel by Lauren Oliver, Panic centers around a town in the US where graduating seniors are forced to join a competition, which they consider their last chance to leave. This year, however, rules have been changed, and with this change comes the time for them to decide what they are willing to give up in order to escape.

Panic features Olivia Welch in the role of Heather, Ray Nicholson as Ra, Will Chase as Sheriff Kean, and Mike Faist as Dodge.

As production kicks off, casting directors of Panic are currently looking for carnival workers to work on some scenes. Talent must be male and tattooed to be considered. You should also be 25 to 50 years old to qualify.

If you are interested in the role and want to apply, please click on the link below. Please make sure to submit your application on or before January 5, 2020.


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