Allie Moore – Empowering Women by Pursuing Her Modeling Dreams

    facebook-com-Allie-Moore_2     Who would have known that the little Allie Moore, who studied dancing, acting and playing the piano since she was six, will be able to pursue her love for fashion and modeling in the land of dreams?   facebook-com-Allie-Moore_12   Allie attended Frunzik Professional Dance School and the Armenian School of Music for eight years under the inspiration of her famous aunt Yuzefina Sarkisyan, who was a well-known actress in Armenia. Little did she know that everything will be disrupted by a natural phenomenon that changed her and that of her family’s lives for good.   facebook-com-Allie-Moore_6   It was after a huge earthquake in Armenia in 1980 that Allie and her entire family moved to the United States. The young girl was in junior high then. Her family believed that the country was a better and safer place to build a new life and it turned out that they were more than just right.   facebook-com-Allie-Moore_13   Of German, Russian and Armenian descent, Allie found the easy way that dreams could indeed come true for an Eastern European immigrant like her in the US. She was approached one day to do a campaign for Heineken Beer, while just walking along the street and she did it.   facebook-com-alliemoore   facebook-com-alliemoore2   However, Allie did not stop there. Instead, she took it as a sign that she could go on further and pursue her goals of doing something more than just practice her nursing profession. So, she signed up with Explore Talent and from there she said she “started looking out for modeling jobs and gigs”.   facebook-com-alliemoore1   And, it was on the talent resource site that she got wind of the modeling competition named National Face of Glamour, where she ended up bagging the prize for first runner up. It was the first competition that she entered.   facebook-com-Allie-Moore_3   This year, the foxy lady took it a notch further and joined in the pre-show competition for another modeling competition with the title, America’s It Girl. “This year in 2014, I won the crown for America’s It Girl. It’s a modeling competition also and it’s gonna air next month, on the 30th on channel WE. From 150 girls only 10 of us were chosen and I was one of them,” she revealed. Allie added that they are going to New York next month to film more episodes, as the competition is reality TV series that’s going to be on Women’s Entertainment or WE TV. According to IMb, America’s It Girl is a two-cycle competition, which is slated to have twelve episodes and is meant to inspire “dynamic and determined young women to build a brand for themselves” by making sure that they are beautiful both inside and out. Taking place in New York and Los Angeles, the competition will spread out all over the country during its second season. The winners will win $100,000 in prizes for themselves and a charity of their choice. It will also help launch their modeling career as well as get their own names out in the fashion industry.   facebook-com-Allie-Moore_1   As somebody who wishes to empower battered women to step up and gain more confidence and self-esteem, it can be said that Allie is headed to the right direction in being part of America’s It Girl. This is not only the first step for her to realizing her aspiration open a center for troubled and battered women. It is also going to aid her to one day open a  store that sells elegant yet affordable and comfortable clothing for women.   facebook-com-Allie-Moore  

To know more of Allie’s story, check out her video below: