Thomas Quigley – On Stardom’s Path with ExploreTalent

Thomas Quigley - ExploreTalent
  Since the peak of Humphrey Bogart and James Cagney’s acting careers, Thomas Quigley has already wanted to become an actor. Although it took him quite a while to get on the path of following his dreams, the aspiring talent is now taking steps towards stardom. Thomas Quigley - ExploreTalent

His Early Career

A 61-year-old native of Miami, Florida, Quigley worked as a police officer in New York City and in Collier County for almost 27 years. In March 2014, he retired and decided to pursue his dream of becoming an actor or model. To achieve his goal, he signed up with Explore Talent. As a member of the world’s largest talent resource site, Quigley was able to audition for various television commercials. His very first commercial audition was for Vital Socks. He sent a video audition in the morning and later that evening, he received a call and got booked for the job.

Life in the Entertainment Industry

Since then, more acting and modeling jobs came knocking at Quigley’s door. However, this didn’t stop him from working hard just to stay in the business. He attended various shows and talked with many actors and casting directors to find out what made them successful. He made certain he followed their footsteps because he believes only the people that reach for the stars have the opportunity to attain their goals. Although getting acting and modeling jobs did not come easy for him, he was able to land several acting and modeling gigs. Three of which were commercials for Auto Repair. Recently, he has done commercials for Blue Wave and a Modeling Benefit for Toys for Tots, in which he played Fred Astaire.

Other Works

Aside from being in the police force and getting into the entertainment industry, the aspiring actor and model has been involved in a variety of sports all his life. He lifts weights and plays baseball. He was also an umpire for a number of minor baseball leagues, which included high school baseball, spring training with the Red Sox and Twins and in the Roy Hobbs World Series. Thomas Quigley - ExploreTalent More recently, he has been doing some stand-up monologues and comedies as well. He has also been busy writing some shorts and trying to have people listen to them with hopes to capture some interest for production. Considering the number of commercial work Quigley have been booked for, it can be said that his hard work, dedication, and passion for the craft are starting to pay off. Pretty soon, Thomas Quigley will be making a name for himself, as he is already on the path of fulfilling his dream of becoming an actor. To view Thomas Quigley’s video about his journey, please check out the video below: