How to become an actor

Ultimate Guide on How To Become an Actor

Holly Bissonnette| February 16, 2015

Do you want to become an actor? Have you ever wondered if you have what it takes to make it big?

how to become an actor
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If you want to become famous in this industry, this isn’t the article you are looking for. Rather, this is an ultimate guide to becoming an expert in your chosen craft – acting. Consider this a map of reaching success in the industry.

One thing you have to know when you have the desire to chase your dreams of becoming an actor, getting an acting job doesn’t happen overnight. It’s going to be a process which would require not just your talent and skill, but your time, effort, not to mention, a bit of money as well.

What does it take to become an actor? Here are the steps on how to get into this kind of career.

Step 1: Learn Your Craft

Although you may have the innate skill and talent in acting, it is still important to improve or polish it. Think about selling an unpolished product to a customer. All you want is to have the customer like and enjoy the product you are selling, right?

That is what acting is all about. This time, the casting directors, agents, and the producers are your customers; meanwhile, your acting skills and most of all, ‘you’ is the product that is about to be sold.

how to become an actor
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There are two ways to learn the craft and improve your talent:

1. Sign Up in an Acting Class

Obviously, there are a number of acting classes or programs offered in your area. As a matter of fact, even in a small town, there should be available acting schools. Look for the best school that would refine your ability.

2. Enroll in an Acting University

If you think there are no acting universities out there, think again. There are a bunch of great schools to prepare for your acting career. Choose wisely before you enroll and start studying.

You have to take note that by studying or signing up in an acting workshop, you have allowed yourself to learn the techniques and most of all, perfect your talent. Remember that it’s going to be a battle in this kind of industry. You have to learn how to compete with the other aspiring actors, trying to find their way to their acting career.

Step 2: Get Ready for Your Audition

Did you know that auditioning itself is an art? Audition requires essentials. The key to have the job of your dreams is to ace your this step. This is where your abilities, skills, and talent will be put to a test.

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Before you meet the casting directors, agents, or producers, you need to obtain the qualities that can ace your audition. Other than discipline and your acting skills, these qualities will have to ensure that you will be recognized during the audition stage and be chosen for the role you have applied for.

3 Qualities You Should Have:

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1. Self-Knowledge

Almost every famous actor you know, starts with these questions, ‘What is my role?’ and ‘Who am I?’ Keep in mind that self-knowledge is a cornerstone in the acting industry. In short, it is important to have knowledge on the kind of career you will dive into.

One of the reasons for joining in acting auditions is the personal knowledge of the role and the job itself. Once you have explored the path to your success, becoming an actor even with no experience can be easy.

2. Technique in Defining the Character

The moment you hit the acting stage, you will have to obtain the technique in defining the character. This may sound difficult, but it has allowed every aspiring actor to safely land into the career of his dreams.

It’s the art of showing or portraying the role. It’s about presenting your emotions to the director, agent, and producer. After all, this is what acting is all about.

Other than opening a career opportunity, it will allow you to have confidence as you go through the process. Agencies for acting are keen to these actors who are not only keeping a technique, but creating a great presentation.

3. Courage

Above all, courage is vital when you want to land in this kind of job. Remember that when you audition and even when you are working for a movie or TV show, you will have to be required to be strong. Furthermore, you need to obtain trust in yourself and believe that you will be able to get the job.

Now that you have the three qualities in mind, on your way to the audition, you would also need to have these important things.

Things Needed for Your Audition:

* Headshots

One of the first things you will need before coming to an audition is a  perfect headshot. Sure, you may have quite a number of them on hand, but you have to select which one would work. It is crucial that you choose the best headshot there is.


how to become an actor
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Your headshot must look not younger or older than you, rather, more like you. Directors and producers are serious about looking at your headshot. They want to know whether or not you would be perfect for the role, and fit for the camera as well.

At this point, getting a professional headshot may be expensive. Some aspiring actors dare to invest for a good one. They believe that a perfect headshot could be their ticket to a career they desire to have.

* Resume

If you want to know how to get started in acting with no experience, your resume will have to prove to the agent, directors, and even producers your worth. Creating your resume may sound complex, all you need is to have a definitive guide on how to make one.

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Preparing for an acting audition in 2015 takes a journey. You will have to cross the path to Hollywood acting and a future career awaits.

Step 3: Join an Audition and Ace It

There are days where people can be so lucky. Yes, there are people who are discovered by chance. As a matter of fact, Charlize Theron never had the chance to learn acting and neither audition to become an actor. A man standing behind her line in a bank in Hollywood Boulevard happens to be a talent agent and discovered her potential by chance.

It was when Theron, 19, moved to Los Angeles.  She wanted to cash a check her mom just sent. Unfortunately, the teller refused to cash it. She was troubled and worried.

Suddenly, the talent agent handed her his business card after he realized Theron perfectly fit the role. He immediately introduced her to the casting agents.

Meanwhile, aspiring actors will have to find acting auditions, not to mention, open casting calls. offers a series of open casting calls that would solely match your skill and talent. Otherwise, you can go ahead and check your local newspaper and find the job you have been looking for.


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On the other hand, becoming an actor with no experience can still lead you to the entertainment industry. How? Surely, there are a handful of auditions in your community theaters. It would be a wonderful way to get started with your career from there as well.

The key is to audition as much as you can. Join an audition even if you do not want to become a part that project. The more audition you have joined, the more you will not only get better at it, but also ace on your next one.

Don’t lose hope, one day you will be able to have the job and role you have been dreaming about. Learn to love the beauty of auditioning. Other than you will be discovered, you will also be able to create a connection of directors, agents, and producers in the industry.

Ultimately, the guide on becoming an actor would end here. However, you are given an option. The next and final step is presented for you as a choice.

Step 4: Get a Manager?

First off, you may want to know the purpose of hiring one. The ONLY reason you will hire a manager is you will need to get one. In other words, if you do not need to have your career be managed, then you would rather choose not hire a manager.


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Getting a manager doesn’t have to do with the process on how to get an acting career. This simply means, a manager is not part of becoming an actor.

Perhaps, you will need to hire one in the future.

Usually, managers tend to request 20% of how much you earn from your job. Looking at the manager’s fee may be a lot of money when you talk about an amount to give to someone. You can imagine how much you will earn when you only have the chance to work twice or just three times in a year.

Again, this step is an option for you. Whether or not, you will get a manager, the decision is in your hands.

Getting Serious With Acting

Keep in mind that acting is supposed to be treated as a business. It’s not called show business for nothing. And just as any business, you have to take it seriously. Otherwise, you will fail and witness your downfall.

Acting is a serious job. You have to realize that each step of becoming an actor matters. It is crucial to have all the essentials ready.


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So, you have to prepare your headshot and resume on hand. Moreover, you will have to practice on your monologue and memorize it. Do your best and prove to the agents, directors, and producers that you have what it takes to become the actor that they need.

How do you become a famous actor? This question is no longer new. Almost everyone wants to become one. Just so you would know that there isn’t any ultimate guide to becoming popular in this industry.

It will take time to be known in the industry. People will slowly recognize and discover your talent and give you the opportunity over time. Remember that they have hired you since you are the answer to their need.

You have to show to the casting directors, producers, and even to the talent agents that you are great and you are the actor they have been looking for.

Keeping Up in the Industry

You are expected to master your craft. In order to do so, it is wise to learn new techniques in the industry. In short, you need to keep up with what is going on in your career and in the entertainment industry as a whole.


how to become an actor
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Moreover, it is also advised to meet with people who are responsible for movie production. These are the people who would teach you great paths to a better ‘you’ and career. Being with your fellow actors can greatly improve your skill and most of all, allow you to keep up with what is happening in acting.

Lastly, since you will be working in front of the camera and be seen on the big screen or television, do not work blind. In other words, an actor is expected to have a wider knowledge with regard to film, TV, and even theater. Yes, this is part of your job.

The Road to Become an Actor

Getting into this career in this kind of industry does not happen overnight. Again, it will take a process and a series of steps. Even if you have the skill and talent, it will not be enough.


how to become an actor
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Acting is a lifelong learning process and becoming an actor requires this. All you need is to be dedicated and be focused with every step. Adding it with hard work, then the road to the success of an actor will be revealed.



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