Dwayne Benson and His Journey to Becoming an Actor

Dwayne Benson’s Inspirational Journey to Becoming an Actor

Marie Skillern| March 25, 2015


Many years ago, Dwayne Benson worked as a radio disc jockey. He stayed in the profession for five and a half years before he spent another five and a half years as a regular on the television program Know Your Bible. He also participated in events, where he got the chance to do some public speaking.

Benson also had the chance to perform in four gospel concerts with Elvis Presley’s bass singer for twelve years, Ray Walker, of the singing group The Jordanaires.

Dwayne Benson
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Eventually, all his experiences led him to the world’s largest talent resource site, Explore Talent. He signed up with the talent resource site as a pro member, and shortly thereafter, more opportunities came knocking at his door.

Since he became a member, his first acting gig was with her daughter, playing the lead role in a television pilot that explores the lives of elderly residents in different nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and senior citizens in the community, Nursing Wishes.

The 48-year-old was then cast in another lead role for the stage production Broke and Bitter and became an extra in two movies, Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz’ What to Expect When You Are Expecting and in Spencer Green’s film about the performing arts.

Also, he joined Audition America, where he met warm and professional directors. He described his experience as fun and exciting as he was given a chance to shine and showcase his talents. After the event, he landed a contract with a top modeling agency.

Dwayne Benson
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The Atlanta-native is very committed to his acting career, exerting more than 100% of his efforts and using his talents to achieve his ultimate goals of becoming a team player and making a successful movie.

Aside from acting, Benson is also very active in sports, jogging and exercising with weights. He is also very devoted to his religion, performing monthly benefit concerts at the Winder Adult Day Care Center. He owes his achievements in life to the Lord, because he believes, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”.

The aspiring actor also attributes his successes to Explore Talent because they have done so much for him and his career. He even looks forward to working with them in the near future.

For all other actors who are still starting, his advice is, “If you want to get somewhere in life, you have to invest in yourself”. He also added:

“Do something for yourself and you will be proud that you did.”

Benson is set to perform in more concerts with Walker.

To learn more about Benson, click on the video below:

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