A Complete Listing of Makeup Artist Jobs

Explore Talent| February 27, 2015

While the nature of all makeup artist jobs is kind of similar, there are distinct differences among them that do exist. However, only a few people know about these things.

If you are thinking of becoming a makeup artist, then you should know that they play a crucial part in the entertainment and fashion industry. They work behind the scenes in all types of productions to transform the images of products and people. However similar their general job description might sound, they still differ from one another depending on the field they are focusing on.

Creative individuals who love challenging, but rewarding careers, can work as makeup artists.  And, below is a complete list of job opportunities they can be part of:

  • Fashion Makeup artist jobs

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The fashion industry is all about creating looks of glamour, sophistication and romance. Because of this, it is the responsibility of fashion makeup artists to ensure that the models look great on runway shows, magazine covers, photo shoots and some other events. Directors, producers and editors may have additional instructions, but most often, they can easily adjust.

In most cases, they will be asked to work under the sun for long hours just to make the models look great. But, despite the demanding, challenging and fast-paced nature of their work, many still consider this job enjoyable and rewarding.

Basically, these makeup artists are inspired by the world of fashion. As professionals in their field, they know how to cover all blemishes and give a person a flawless look. They are masters of glamour techniques. They never run out of creative ideas just to improve the looks of a model based on a shoot’s theme.

Fashionable jobs usually require keen attention to details, basic knowledge about the effects of lighting, and high-artistic ability. This is important because sometimes, they will be asked to work quickly and under pressure, especially during live fashion shows or at the backstage of any type of fashion production.

Sam Fine is among the highest paid fashion makeup artists in the world today. He has done the faces of supermodels like Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell. Queen Latifah and Vanessa Williams have also been his clients. Other famous fashion makeup artists include Charlie Green, Pat McGrath, Tom Pecheux and Gucci Westman.

  • Film Makeup artist jobs

Film-Makeup-Artists makeup artist jobs
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One of the most-sought after jobs for makeup artists is the one involved with film production. For this job, they will be working on movie sets most of the time. It is their responsibility to make all actors look good according to the roles they are to play. While there are times when they have to provide much exaggerated or extreme makeup work, usually they just work at giving performers a natural look that may work for any scene.

There are some film makeup artists though that have difficulties in dealing with close-up camera shots. Because of the introduction of high-definition television sets, every feature of a person’s face is exposed and it is something they should deal with and be knowledgeable about.

Since makeup has to be maintained the whole working day, film makeup artists are required to stand-by on set and perform touch-ups before, in between, and after a scene. Depending on the type of production, the makeup will also vary.

Like other makeup artists, these professionals have irregular work schedules. They may work straight for several months and at times, it will be followed by months without work. There are instances when they will be temporarily relocated as well, depending on the duration of the production.

To be a film makeup artist, one has to go through a type of training similar to that of a theatrical makeup artist. However, there are differences in the way they create their designs. For theatrical makeup, the appearance of a performer has to be exaggerated, so it will be more visible to the last person sitting in the balcony of the theater. For film, on the other hand, a subtle look is just what’s needed since the actors usually stand close to the camera.

One of the most famous film makeup artists is Rachel Goodwin. She has done the faces of Hollywood stars like Emma Stone, Kat Dennings and January Jones. Kate Lee is also making a name in Hollywood. She has worked with Anne Hathaway, Rooney Mara and Keira Knightley.

  • Theatrical Makeup artist jobs

Theatrical-Makeup-Artists makeup artist jobs
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The job of a theatrical makeup artist has something to do with theater or stage performances. They do not just deal with the actors and actresses on stage, they may also help in making the costumes. Besides that, they also deal with the use of prosthetics, theater lighting, special effects, and performance space analysis.

The challenging part about their job is that they have to balance their tasks, such as making an actor look good under different lighting conditions while still looking great for their character. For this reason, being a makeup artist for theater has been considered one of the most difficult makeup artist jobs in the industry.

These artists also work in the wig department. They prepare and design the wig, according to the personality of the character. During the actual show, they work under pressure. They have to deal with last-minute changes on the character’s wig, makeup and costume, and also deal with some other related problems.

For these professionals, work is regular, especially if they are hired for a tour or a long-running show. Whenever they are assigned to a tour, they have to pack up their stuff and set them up in every venue, which means they have to work extra long hours.

Many of these theatrical makeup pros have educational background in theater. However, they focus more on putting makeup and creating costumes. With experience and training, they are able to evaluate the performance of an actor and make sure the makeup designs will be visible to the audience.

Kate Griffiths, Bobbi Brown, Gucci Westman and Lisa Eldridge are among the most notable theatrical makeup artists of the current era.

  • Special Effects (FX) Makeup artist jobs

Special-Effects-Makeup-Artists makeup artist jobs
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The special effects makeup artists are responsible for the creation of prosthetics, and other special effects based on the plot of a movie or a show. They create unique and realistic cosmetic effects with the use of techniques such as sculpting, molding and casting.

The most challenging responsibility of as a special effects makeup artist is to keep the edges of their prosthetics as thin as possible. They have to ensure that the tissues are thin, so that it will be easier for them to blend colors and create a flawless look.

A special effects makeup artist has a similar nature of work with a film makeup artist, but they differ in the designs they create. While film makeup professionals make sure the actors have suitable makeup before they appear in front of the cameras, special effects makeup artists will play with the looks of an actor to make them appear different and strange.

Prosthetic makeup was revolutionized by Dick Smith in the films Little Big Man and The Exorcist and John Chambers in Planet of the Apes. Other notable artists, who used prosthetics, include Rick Baker of Men in Black, Tom Savini of Friday the 13th, Stan Winston of The Terminator, and Gregory Nicotero of The Walking Dead.

  • Bridal Makeup Artist

Bridal-Makeup-Artists makeup artist jobs
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Bridal makeup is a new market for makeup artists. Nowadays, these artists are considered a vital part of wedding planning, especially in Africa, Asia, Europe and North America. Their work may sometimes vary, from ethnic to glamour or contemporary.

Since a wedding day is among the most important events in the life of a couple, professional bridal makeup artists are hired by the brides to ensure that they would look great throughout the ceremony.

Bridal makeup artists are not limited to weddings though. They also do makeovers, proms, and private events. Hence, they are required to have strong people skills and good business insight.

One of U.K.’s best bridal makeup artists is Sarah Brock. She has worked with more than 1,000 brides, including celebrity brides, bridal designers and beauty journalists. Also, she has worked for CHANEL as their bridal makeup expert.

  • Beauty Makeup Artist

Beauty-Makeup-Artist makeup artist jobs
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Many major cosmetic brands such as Revlon, Mary Kay, and Sephora hire a strong team of professional beauty makeup artists. Company owners seek their assistance, especially in planning and making the brand’s television commercials and ad campaigns.

Those who want to have a career as beauty makeup artists usually start out being employed at local department stores, where they demonstrate makeup application techniques and give makeovers to interested customers.

There are some who work as sales women in their neighborhoods. They respond to customers’ questions and sell beauty products on a commission basis. This is definitely a good start for many aspiring beauty makeup artists. This way, they are able to build strong relationships with clients and at the same time, learn the basics of makeup application.

There are successful professional beauty makeup artists today who started out as a sales woman and Bobbi Brown is one of them. Now, she already has her own company. She became known as an artist because of her style that included the use of moderate and natural tones. Since then, her works have been featured on magazine covers, including Vogue, Elle, Town & Country, and Self.

  • Body and Face Painting Artists

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Art can be displayed in almost all sorts of platform and these include the human body. Although, every makeup specialist has their own field of expertise, some of them focus more on the designs and the application of paints on various parts of the body. Others even apply temporary tattoos, depending on the needs of the client.

Body and face painting artists are often hired at smaller events. So basically, this job is a relatively small market for makeup artists.

There is now a huge demand for makeup artists. As a matter of fact, opportunities to work in various settings now exist and these range from photography to the entertainment industry. This means that as a professional, you would have tons of makeup artist jobs just waiting for you to fill out.

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