Clear-Cut Guide to Modeling Jobs in the Industry

Adriana Lima
Perhaps, you are dreaming about landing  one of the hottest modeling jobs in the industry. Keep in mind that there are different opportunities that could match your talent and skills. Carefully, read this information so you will know which job you should pursue. Remember, not everyone can have the career they have been dreaming about. And definitely, not all types of these jobs will match your skill qualifications. The idea is to be realistic with your goals and understand each type of modeling opportunities, to be on top of your career.

High Fashion Modeling

High Fashion modeling jobs
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Did you know that a high fashion model can earn up to $47million? Gisele Bundchen earned that much last year, making her on top of the list. Believe it or not, you could also become one of the highest paid models if you make it big in this career. Famous fashion designers will always hire top , high-end fashion models to wear their latest and hottest coutures on the runway because It is essential that they present their designs to the public with the absolute best product every time. Other than presenting the designs of these influential designers on the runway, they can land in a print work as well. In other words, models appear in both in the runway and will also be featured in the photographic scene. Among all types of modeling jobs, this opportunity can be lucrative. Not everyone can grab an opportunity of becoming a high fashion model, but if you have the talent and skill, you won’t regret diving into this career. Some years ago, the industry would want to hire only thin models. Then, there were those years were models are required to have curves. It’s all about what look is needed for the season and most of all, what the designers are looking for.

Requirements for High Fashion Modeling:

  1. Female and male fashion models should be 14-25 years old. You have to keep in mind that this type of job doesn’t last for a lifetime. Most modeling agencies will rather invest into younger models.
  2. Female has to be 5’8” to 6’0” while male has to be 5’11” to 6’2”. And their body has to be fit and proportion with their height.
  3. Overall, the type of body frame they have has to look good in front of the camera.

Promotional Modeling

Promotional modeling jobs
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Have you ever seen those ladies standing at the merchant’s booth trying to promote their product? They are promotional modeling jobs. You usually see them during conventions and even at trade shows. They are hired for no other purpose, but to create a direct interaction with the customers. Unlike other types of modeling opportunities, they are hired to provide two important things:
  • Information
  • Excitement
In short, models are supposed to attract attention. They have to be appealing to the customers. After all, their purpose is to lure customers and take advantage of the product being promoted. Moreover, not only will this be a good opportunity for you to pay your groceries and rent, it is also a great opportunity to meet directors and marketing personnel of large companies. In other words, you don’t just get paid to as low as less than $15 to as high about $200 for eight hours day, but you will have your chance to grow your career and dive into better opportunities.

Requirements for Promotional Modeling:

Although there are no exact and specific requirements to have this job, this type of opportunity is an excellent field most especially for beginners since the number of products you choose to represent. Not to mention, you must have the qualities that can attract customers and take advantage of the product you are promoting.

Glamour Modeling

Glamour modeling jobs
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These are the models that appear in Maxim, Stuff, or other magazines that may have a bit or should you rather say, more of a sexual theme. Whether you like it or not, most of the aspiring glamour models end up in the nude modeling industry. Although there is nothing wrong with it, you have to ensure your modeling agency is offering you the kind of job for your talent and skills. It is not necessary that you become a nude model when you work in this field. There are those who have opportunities in the online advertising business. Not to mention, they are hired to promote adult-themed products. In short, they work for all types of products, from sports, calendars, cars, and even sexy costumes. Compared to nude modeling jobs, following the principle of the supply and demand, there are models that are willing to pose nude. Most likely, these are the models that will get more opportunities. Needless to say that there may be more beautiful and appealing models out there, but only a few are willing to pose without their clothes on. The bottom line is that the completion in the glamour modeling industry is quite high that it is difficult to find a good model to pose with their lingerie, swimwear, topless, or even without her clothes on.

Requirements for Glamour Modeling:

The demand and the competition may be high; there are no exact or specific requirements to becoming a glamour model. It all depends on the magazine, trade shows, or the company the model has to represent. Some would consider models that have oval face; meanwhile, there are those that prefer to have less fit body. Whatever runs in mind and the demand, so shall the model would be.

Commercial Modeling

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Consider this field another pod for aspiring models. If you want to take the opportunity to land in this career, it is wise to have enough experience in acting. Well, although it may not be necessary, you have to keep in mind that a commercial model has to play a role in an advertisement on TV or any medium to promote the product or service. Commercial models must know how to possess different emotions. Remember, they are asked to endorse a certain product or service on TV. It is vital to deliver the right expression to entice the viewers and take advantage of the company. Commercial print modeling jobs is also another spot for models who wanted to be successful in their career. Just as promotional modeling, all you need is to appear proportionally attractive. A commercial print model knows how to portray different roles and characters in front of the camera. Other than this area paves way into the entertainment realm, it is also a good paying job that can take care of your rentals and groceries.

Requirements for Commercial Modeling:

There aren’t any specific requirements to become a commercial model. As a matter of fact, anyone can become one. No matter the gender and the age, if the company needs you, surely, they will hire you. In other words, people of all ages, are given the opportunity to become a paid commercial model so long as you can cope with the campaign and promote the business well.

Plus Size Modeling

Plus Size
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Believe it or not, the demand for plus size modeling job is very high. It appeals to have a large part of the population. Thus, more designers are starting to cater styles and designs for women whose sizes are 12 and above. Plus size models are hired for the purpose of presenting the latest fashion, trends, and styles perfect for plus-sized women. They usually appear in lingerie advertisements, runway shows, catalogue, print, and in shows where latest and famous designs are to be presented. The idea for this job is simple, unlike petite modeling jobs, the job would require the model to promote and capture the target market. Just as any type of modeling job, it all depends on the city or the state you are in. Not to mention, the campaign you are trying to promote. According to, a plus size model in California gets an average of $24,532-$36,798 annually.

Requirements for Plus Size Modeling:

  1. You have to keep in mind that plus size models showcase dresses with sizes from 12 to 14 or even higher. At this point, you would have an idea how to flaunt the latest fashion at its right size.
  2. You need to have a height between 5’2” to 6’1”.
  3. Lastly, you may have broad shoulders and appear to be big boned, you still need to have a beautiful structure and most of all, classic features.
  • Age doesn’t seem to be significant when you wanted to land in this kind of job. All that is needed is to be appealing and presentable in front of the audience and the camera.

Pregnant Modeling

Pregnant Modeling
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Perhaps, there is another reason why these expectant women grow in number. Not to become mothers in a later time, but to capture other pregnant women to take advantage of the maternity clothing line and products they are promoting. You have to admit, the industry has been growing fast. Lately, a number of fashion designers, photographers, and retailers are starting to capture more and more women who are expecting to have babies in their arms. Soon-to-be-moms Heidi Klum, Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Gardner, and Angelina Jolie are just to name a few who are happy working. While some pregnant moms want to spend some time off during their pregnancy, there are those who wanted to grab the pregnant modeling opportunity and get busy during their time off. Not to mention, get good pay as well.

Requirements for Pregnant Modeling:

No other requirement, but you have to be an expectant mother when you want to land into this kind of job. No matter the size and stage of your pregnancy, there are companies that would consider offering this kind of career for you. Meanwhile, there are those who are still working even after giving birth. Again, it all depends on the demand and the job opportunity.

Body Part Modeling

Body Part Modeling
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Consider this a special realm in the industry. It is crucial for a body part model to have perfect body parts. Say if you want to be in a diamond ring advertisement. It is important that you wouldn’t have any flaws, scars, blemish, wrinkles, or veins showing. Since you are to promote a product that would look good in some parts of your body, say a diamond ring, lipstick, and other products, it is important to have good looking and the most flawless body part. A potential customer will be hesitant to buy a lipstick the moment she sees something odd in the ad. Moreover, you can expect to buy a nice nail polish for your fingernails when you see perfect hands. The idea is simple, your perfect body parts must be able to add beauty to the product you are promoting. People who are gifted with great body parts can grab this opportunity to work with companies that has built a name in the industry. This kind of job is oftentimes not thought of whenever you think about modeling jobs.

Requirements for Body Part Modeling:

  1. The potential model has to have the perfect, unblemished body part when it is shown in the ad.
  2. No tattoos, no marks, no scars, no wrinkles, and most of all, the body part has to be flawless.

In Conclusion

Everyone has a talent deep within. Along with the number of modeling opportunities, which job can match your skills?