A Complete List of Singing Jobs in the Industry

Singing Job
Believe it or not, a person who has a talent in singing can land in the different types of singing jobs in the music industry. This means, there has to be more than just opening your mouth and belting a tune or two. Many kids dream of becoming a singer; however, as they grow older, that dream becomes too far from reality. Only a few adults pursue a career in the singing industry. If you ever want to get a singing job, it is crucial to understand what this job is all about. It’s a career that could bring hard life, but keep in mind that along with the hardships and failures, success awaits. All you need is to be dedicated and confident that you can reach the end of the line.

Singing is a Journey

Singing Journey
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As a matter of fact, it’s a long journey that requires your attention. It may be a journey that doesn’t seem to come to an end, yet it is a journey that can be accomplished. And just as any other journey, you need to take heed. Otherwise, you will never be able to arrive triumphantly in this kind of career. Aspiring and even professional singers continue to take singing lessons in order to sail in the industry. Keep in mind that it’s going to be a competition out there. There might be people who are willing to pull you up and let you be on spotlight, but there are those who would push you away from stage. Part of your journey to success is to know and understand what your job really is. This is the simplest, yet, the most vital. Once you know the different types of singing jobs that would perfectly fit your talent, you are on your way to achieving your dreams.

11 Types of Singing Jobs

1. Wedding singing jobs

Wedding Singer
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Who wouldn’t forget Adam Sandler from the movie, ‘The Wedding Singer’? Simply put, a wedding singer is a singer who sings at weddings. However, the job may sometimes vary. There are those who sing during the ceremony. Meanwhile, there are those who sing only at the reception or perhaps, some wedding singers would sing in these two events. Consider this, one of the careers in singing that doesn’t require any training. What does it take to become a wedding singer, then? Vocal lessons may be a plus, but it is not an essential. Rather, your talent is. In addition, at this point, you have to know that not only in becoming a wedding singer, but in any type of singing job, you will have to face a few singing auditions. Think of it as if you’re applying for a job.


  • Good talent means good vocals
  • Dedicated
  • Confident
  • Willing to work and accept challenges

Working your way to become a wedding singer:

  • You can work directly with wedding planners. Some of them have in-house vocal artists who are willing to sing at all their events. You can always partner with them.
  • Take advantage of the online community. It is convenient to advertise your talent and the kind of services you can offer to your future clients. Otherwise, you can print flyers or post at your local newspaper.
  • Lastly, the power of the word of mouth. People will always recommend your talent to their friends and families the moment they are satisfied with your services.

2. Backup singing jobs

You wouldn’t be able to recognize them, but their voice is audible enough that the entire song wouldn’t be complete without them. The lead singer may be important, but backup singers makes the song complete. Backup singers have different types. They are hired in touring events and even during recording sessions. Their main job is to harmonize and keep in tune with the lead singer and his fellow background singers. Did you know that there are a lot of professional lead singers who used to be backup singers? Sheryl Crow used to be a backing singer for the Legend Michael Jackson during his Bad Tour in 1987 to 1989.
Backup Singer
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Anyone can climb their ladder of success. It all depends on how much you dedicate your talent for this kind of career.


  • Sight singing is a plus, but not an essential.
  • Must know how to recognize his voice.
  • Quick to learn the songs.

Working your way to become a backup singer:

  • Start improving your singing skills; you will need it when you will land in this kind of career.
  • Develop your pitch and prepare your demo CD.
  • Advertise your talent.
  • Lastly, show your desire that you are willing to share your talent in the industry.

3. Broadway singing jobs

Broadway Singer
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A talent in singing and the love for theater is what it takes to become a Broadway singer. These are the kinds of session singing jobs that require you not just to sing, but to act at the same time. Yes, this is quite a challenging career. On the other hand, Broadway singing transforms your passion into a career. Not only will you be able to share your talent, you will also be able to have enough income to pay your bills and rent. Not bad after all, huh? Prepare to combine your talent in singing with acting and dancing. You have to keep in mind that when you become a theater singer, you will have to start singing and perform all kinds of songs – from classical to modern songs.


  • A talent in singing (this is crucial), acting, and dancing (optional)
  • Passion for the job.
  • Willing to accept challenges.

Working your way to become a Broadway singer:

  • You can always consider signing up for theater classes. This is your step to get into regional theaters and gain experience. Moreover, this is an opportunity for you to mingle with people who are in the industry. Build relationships from there.
  • Check out open auditions. Should there be available singing jobs in Los Angeles, you can always consider trying out one.
  • Otherwise, you can look for an agent who can showcase and expose your talent.

4. Rap singing jobs

Rap Singer
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Most people are endowed with the talent in singing, but not all of them are given the gift to rap. In short, only a number can do so. Rap singing is also known as the rhythmic form of speech. You can recognize them as they perform. Rap singers can always work with whatever musical accompaniment – from rock, hip hop, house, reggae, soul, and any kind of music that would favor the rap song. They are sometimes known as DJ’s. They perform at night clubs and even start recording a track the moment they reach the peak of their career.


  • The secret is to learn how to find a beat. Timing is what matters when you want to rap.
  • Rhythm and rhyme are two important factors.
  • A name that can create an impact in the industry.

Working your way to become a rap singer:

  • Expose not just your talent, but the entire ‘you’.
  • Get a good show once you get hold of the microphone and have the chance to be in the crowd.
  • Creating an image is also important. Remember, the audience has to remember your talent and most of all, ‘you’.

5. Session singing jobs

Session Singer
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There are some singing jobs on cruise ships that are only offered for contractual period. In other words, session singers are hired to perform for a period of time, track, or it all depends on whatever there is on the contract. A lot of singers tend to start their career as they are hired to be backup singers for a certain period of time. Consider this your stepping stone for a greater future in the industry. Keep in mind that this opportunity is not a permanent one. But you should also take note that this can open doors for a solo career.


  • Treats the job professionally.
  • Excellent talent and skill.

Working your way to become a session singer:

  • Practice and practice more. This is the only way to master your talent and skill.
  • Be at the right place. Los Angeles and New York are best places to live in order to have a break in the music industry.
  • Play gigs as often in your local area. This is a good way to expose you and your talent.

6. Voice Over Artist

Voice Over Artist
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Unlike session singers, voice over artists provides their talents in singing to advertising agencies, jingle producers, radio and television stations. In short, voice over artists are hired for different projects required by employers. It is essential for the artist to provide his talent depending on what the client or employer demands. At this point, he will have to show his versatility. Radio stations are a good place to gain experience. Think about acting, where you allow your voice to act rather than your physical body. You must have that ‘unforgettable’ quality of voice if you want to be successful in this career.


  • Exceptional vocal skill and talent.
  • Confidence
  • Dedication
  • Passion

Working your way to becoming a voice over artist:

  • Keep in mind that even if you have the vocal talent, you still need to practice in order to master the craft. Not everyone is given this opportunity; you must be exceptional when you are chosen.
  • Prepare a demo CD. This will allow future producers to study on your talent.
  • The way to expose your potential is to submit to the different agencies that require your talent.

7. Solo singing jobs

Solo Singer
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You may have seen a lot of solo performers who have worked their way to the top of their career. These individuals are competent and aggressive to expose their vocal talent to the public. With strong determination, they usually perform in pubs, nightclubs, clubs, cabaret, or any places where solo singers are welcome. Slowly in time, you will recognize producers and agencies will offer a recording opportunity. There are times where solo artists or singers team up with song writers and even producers to work together and open doors of opportunity.


  • A great singer who knows how to perform well.
  • Behave professionally
  • Willing to offer his/her talent to the audience.
  • Focus and dedication

Working your way to becoming a solo singer:

  • Again, as you partner with a songwriter, producer, or agencies, opportunities will be provided.
  • You have to be confident enough to let your audience know that you can give them the entertainment that they want.
  • It is essential to have a firm decision that you will go ahead and start a solo career.

8. Cruise Ship Singer

Cruise Ship Singer
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In order to maintain the fun and entertainment while you’re cruising, cruise ship singers are hired. They are expected to work for long hours with a professional standard. This kind of singer must have the ability to read music and most of all, sing. Look on the bright side when you land in this kind of job. You are getting paid to see the world while you live with your passion. Where else can you find that kind of career? It’s a combination of eating gourmet food, dance with thousands of people from different walks of life, and stay in a room fit perfectly for you. Other than an attractive salary is offered to you, you will gain lasting friendship, great experience, and incredible memories. Although you will be working in the cruise ship, the options with regard to reaching success are countless.


  • Professional resume with the right headshot.
  • Good song with an awesome style of music. This will be used as you apply for the job.
  • Pass the audition

Working your way to become a cruise ship singer:

  • Make sure to return on your callback schedules. Otherwise, the job you have been dreaming and hoping for, will never be yours.
  • Be diligent. Show that you are enjoying your job and it is your passion to entertain the audience.
  • Look at your job as if you’re living your dreams and passion, rather than be the opposite.
  • Allow your desire to sing in the crowd happen.

9. Country singing jobs

Country Singer
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Taylor Swift is one of the famous country singers out there. If you aspire to become one, prepare to have those line dancing feet and excellent voice. You have to admit, country singers are slowly making way in the music industry. People are beginning to be open to this kind of music. However, there are singers who tend to create a variety and style. For instance, Shania Twain was able to cross both pop and dance and perform a better version. Country and western is a famous form of music mainly in the US. Although in some countries, they are thriving to have great opportunities for country singers, overall, this career continues to provide room for potential artists who have talents.


  • Willing to pursue his/her dreams in the major part of American culture and history – country music.
  • Skills and talents at its peak and best.
  • Dedication

Working your way to become a country singer:

  • Research, study, and master your craft. In other words, learn from your favorite country singers and performers.
  • You can sign up for a singing lesson to improve your talent. Learning about music is endless. As time goes, new techniques and skills will come out. Just remember not overwork your vocal cords.
  • Form a band. Hold a local audition to complete your band members.
  • Get a good manager. He will handle every aspect of your career. This is a good opportunity for you to focus on your job alone.
  • Be professional.
  • Lastly, take note of your goal – perform at your best to entertain your audience.

10. Diva

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So, you’ve heard of this word a million times, but you never dare to understand what this means. This is the term used to describe a female singer with a unique voice and style. However, this term was originally used for opera singers. Just as any other singing jobs, becoming a diva doesn’t happen overnight. Neither it doesn’t happen with a snap of a finger. Rather, it takes a series of steps in order to climb your way to the top. You have to take note that the title can be earned not just by your peers, but by the public’s opinion as well. It takes a lot of hard work in order to be granted with the term. This isn’t just given by the singer themselves.


  • Dedication and hard work.
  • Unique voice and talent

Working your way to become a Diva:

  • Learn how to be focused and dedicated to your job.
  • Keep in mind that your physical appearance also matters. Take care of your body, dress and look gorgeous.
  • Prove to the agents, managers, and producers that you have the talent that they need.

11. Lead Singer

Lead Singer
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Also known as the ‘frontman’, this is the term used to describe the person who sings in front of a band. In other words, lead singers are responsible for the lead melody regardless of the type or style of the music played. Lead singers are competent in the industry no matter the amount of income they receive. Thus, it is important to have the ability other professional musicians own. There are times when you have to perform good covers (if you do not have record album yet). This always works all the time. It may seem to be practical and simple, yet it always provides positive results.


  • Must pass in the audition
  • Knows how to communicate with the audience
  • A talent that captures the crowd

Working your way to become a Lead Singer:

  • Stage presence. You may not know it, but this is one of the important things a lead singer must obtain.
  • Practice how to pick a song and know how to deliver it to your audience.
  • Enjoy your performance.
So, which singing job will you consider? When everyone is given the opportunity to sing, not everybody is offered a career in singing. Your talents can open doors of making your dreams come to reality. Learn to make a living by living your passion.