Highest Paying Modeling Jobs in Los Angeles

Just like any other career, there are certain tiers of success when it comes to modeling jobs in Los Angeles. You can begin making your way up the ladder by doing promotional work, and hopefully, in the long run, enjoy long-term success as a professional runway model. Basically, the compensation and pay that models receive varies depending on the type of job. This means that if the demand is high, the salary is also expected to be higher. If you are in LA, you can get paid a significant amount per day by doing various modeling works. Let’s take a look at these jobs in full detail:

Runway Model

runway-walk.jpg (3000×2000) Tall and slender individuals are perfect for runway modeling. However, in this particular field of modeling, height is a major issue. Though it is not meant to discriminate those who are vertically challenged, many designers actually prefer models who are taller because they can carry any clothing style beautifully and with confidence. To become a runway model, females must have a height of at least 5’7″ and males must be around 6′. You don’t really have to be skinny. You just need to have a healthy and good body figure. This is the reason newer models are required to go into strict eating routines and exercise. Professional runway models have an hourly rate that begins at $200. They even get to earn up to $20,000 for every show. Aside from that, they also receive payment for rehearsals and fittings.

Commercial Model

To make it to the highly competitive realm of commercial modeling jobs in Los Angeles, you must have something special and unique that defines you as a person. This must be something that people will love when they see you grace the covers of catalogs and magazines. Most of the time, people who have interesting bone structures, tantalizing eyes, and unique looks are those that can easily get a break in this field. However, clients are always on the lookout to hire those who have confidence and are comfortable being in front of the camera. As a commercial model, you can earn a starting rate of $100 per hour or $1,500 per day for doing catalog works. And, if you work for advertising agencies, you get paid $250 per hour or $10,000 per day.

Body Parts Model

Although it sounds like a strange profession, body parts modeling is actually a real job. In fact, a lot of models earn a huge amount of money by modeling some of their body parts. Normally, foot, leg, and hand models are hired to do photographic shoots and films, where there is a need for someone with perfect feet or beautiful hands. Depending on the requirements of the project, a body parts model may have skinny legs, odd-looking feet, or maybe long and tapered fingers. Compared to runway models, body parts models earn lesser. However, they can still earn as much as $100 per hour. Apart from that, the nature of this job allows models to work on more projects as they are not limited by any contract.

Range Showing Model

As long as you have the right height and body figure, you can get the chance to work as a range showing model. This sort of modeling work is just like any regular day job, as it starts from 8 am to 5 pm, and overtime pay is given for extra hours worked. The job is to model outfits for clothing stores and boutiques. Range showing models work hand-in-hand with the designer to ensure that the cut and the fit of the garment is perfect. Oftentimes, they will be asked to come in several times, so that the clothes will be fitted the right way to give a good and lasting impression to the potential buyers. The rate of this model is based on the number of days worked. And, there are chances they can get paid higher than commercial and runway models.

Child Model

Children can already begin a modeling career at a very young age. For some parents, this is a fun and exciting way to bring in additional income that can be used for their child’s future. Essentially, the success rate in child modeling depends mostly on the parents and the agent. Even if you push your child to excel in the business, he can still be pulled off from contracts if they have poor agents. Due to the laws that are geared towards the protection of working children, child models aren’t allowed to work longer hours. But, they can earn at least $50 per day’s work, which should only be for a maximum of 5 hours.

Lingerie Model

When you hear about lingerie models, the first thing that probably comes to your mind is a calendar girl posing half naked on bikes and cars. But in reality, a lingerie model can decide whether or not they will sign on for these types of shoots. Lingerie modeling isn’t always about looking sexy and provocative. It can also be a close-up shoot for a bra or underwear. It is also not limited to commercial shoots as lingerie models can also get involved in ramp work, especially if their jobs is for lingerie companies. Because of the nature of this job, models can earn half to twice the rate of the regular modeling fees. In the modeling business, you can find different types of jobs that will offer you better compensation. It may not be easy to find them, though because of the stiff competition. However, if you persevere and work hard in this industry by immersing yourself in finding modeling jobs in Lost Angeles, it isn’t impossible for you to carve a good career for yourself. Start looking for modeling jobs in Los Angeles through ExploreTalent.com.