Child Modeling: Tips for Beginners

child modeling tips

Almost every parent thinks their child is the cutest or prettiest or most handsome out there, but then there are instances when you might look at your child and think they have the potential to be a child model. However, before you go off sending out letters to agents, you must first do a lot of thinking as to whether this is really the right fit for your child. You don’t want to be the parent that wastes time and money trying to get your child into the modeling industry, only to find out in the end that it wasn’t the right venture for them. There are some useful tips you can consider when you’re trying to get your kid into the child modeling industry.

Tips for Child Modeling

1. First, you need to make sure that your child is on board with what they are being made to do. Don’t be that parent that forces his or her kid into doing something they don’t really want to do. They should be interested in what they are doing. Thus, it’s important for you to have a heart-to-heart talk with your child before you even think of making that first call to an agent. Make sure that your child fully understands what they are about to enter.


2. Do the necessary research. In the modeling world, not everyone has your or your child’s best interests at heart. There are some agencies, for instance, that might have poor working conditions for their models or jobs that are not beneficial for their career in the long run. There are even some people in the industry who are not above taking advantage of certain talents simply because that might be what they’re used to. Look out for those harmful people and unhelpful agencies and projects as you don’t want your child to be involved in those. Do your part as the parent to protect your child.

3.Get them a great headshot. For those who are just starting in the industry, one of the most difficult things can be trying to get your child noticed among a horde of child talents, some of whom might be more experienced. One effective way you can get agents to notice your child is to get them a great professional headshot that presents your child in a genuine way, one that will highlight their best features, whether that is their bright, toothy smile or their sparkling eyes.


4.Don’t be a difficult parent. While there’s nothing wrong with being a stage parent—at one point, it’s necessary so you can protect your child in the midst of a cutthroat industry—you would want to steer clear of being the toxic kind. You know it, the parent who’s too demanding and entitled, far more than the talent himself. There have been far too many instances wherein a child model was not hired simply because the parent was difficult to work with. Don’t be that kind of parent.

5.Make sure you and your child are fully committed to doing this. Working as a child model is not the easiest job in the world, so you need to make sure you and your child have the inclination and interest in working as such. It will also take up a lot of your time so you will need to make adjustments for both of your schedules. Think everything through with your kid and make sure both of you are interested in pursuing a modeling career.