The Casting Process in Hollywood Revealed

Every aspiring actor has to go through a series of processes prior to launching their acting career, including casting. It takes a good Casting Director to find an actor, who can perfectly match the role the Director has been looking for. Although the director has to make the final choices, keep in mind that the preliminary stage of looking for the right actor takes a lot of time, effort, not to mention, money. Consider this article the ‘behind the scenes’ of the casting process. If you’re new to acting, Hollywood casting could be a bit of a complex. Going through these words, ‘casting’ and ‘casting director’ allow you to begin and take the first step of your journey in making your dreams come to reality. Simply put, casting is the process of searching and choosing for the right model or actor. For instance, creating a commercial production starts when the product company goes to advertising agencies. Normally, these agencies provide a number of pitches before they present them to the company. From there, product companies more or less decide on the kind of commercial they would want. At this point, the commercial production should begin.
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Meanwhile, when it comes to television and film production, casting becomes a totally different process. Even if the whole approach starts in the studio, production companies still have to hire directors who take charge with breaking down the characters. Then casting directors begin to schedule for the auditions and callbacks. In order to get the role you have in mind, it is crucial to take these stages and complete the Casting process. Read on and take this journey aspiring actors take. Things Needed: * Audition Requirements such as:

Casting Process:

Believe it or not, this process is the entrance to your acting career. Although there are people who get discovered by chance by these talent agents and directors, most actors still go through the same process and get the job in the industry.


Think about trying to impress someone during a romantic date. Normally, you plan and prepare on what to do, where to go, what to wear, and everything you can imagine. That is how getting into the casting process would look like. The only way you can pass through this stage is to know what you are looking for. It is important to have an idea of the kind of job you will take. Once you have the knowledge with regard to acting and the craft itself, everything will just come natural. Moreover, preparation would also mean you have to get ready with your requirements for the next stage – the audition. Keep in mind that it is vital to nail it. Otherwise, you will never be able to have the job you have been dreaming about. Remember, casting directors pre-need actors before bringing them to the director. So, don’t just think they are simply the casting directors in this stage. Their job is to gather the actors and pick among this number of aspiring hopeful actors trying to get the job. In other words, get serious even during this stage. In case you are wondering where these script or lines come from, they come from the director or producer themselves. They are given to these actors who signed up in casting sites such as, to allow the actors to be prepared when casting call opens. The script these directors and producers provide has to be broken down into characters. From there, it will be sent to the agent and manager. Following the process, this is where casting directors come in and pick the right actor who would fit for the role. Although long before the internet realm, people simply go over their local newspapers or look for postings in some acting schools for available acting positions. From there, they prepare their audition tapes and send it to these casting directors looking for actors. Then, they wait for a callback. Overall, the process of looking for actors may have evolved in a matter of technology. No matter how the open casting is presented, actors will find a way how to get the job they have in mind.
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Auditions can be nerve-wrecking, but you have to give no room for any mistake the moment you stand on stage and perform in front of the directors and producers. Whether or not, you apply for the role for a small budget film, continue to maintain professionalism. Did you know that most casting directors are prowling in search for good actors? This is where they find tons of actors who have reached the peak of their career from these indie films.


Now that you are ready, it’s about time to step inside the audition room. Most actors consider this stage as heart pounding. It may be a hell of experience during the audition, but you are still expected to be good at this stage or else nothing will happen to your career.
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Think about applying for a job where you meet with the employer for an interview. You talk about your skills and qualities that would be an asset to the company. In other words, prove to the directors, agents, and producers you have what it takes for the role they have been looking for. You can find several sites online that offer and present open casting auditions to a number of films, TV show, and even commercial productions. Be keen in looking for one. You wouldn’t want to be fooled wasting your time, effort, and money. Next, get ready to present your current headshot. Attach it to your updated and completed resume. Remember how the preparation was discussed earlier? At this point, your headshot matters the most. There are a lot of times where actors attach a different headshot to their resume. Say, they come in to the auditions with a blonde hair while their headshot has a darker hair color. The key is to have a headshot that looks exactly like you. Casting directors do not want to waste their and your time looking at those headshots that look so different from your personal image. Let these people know how much you want the job and how much you are fit for the role. Remember, even if the directors have the final say, casting directors can greatly influence the director and producers. They have a different vision. This only proves how valuable they are. Although sometimes, you are able to get it right, at some time, you don’t, casting directors know how to adjust. In moments where you can’t perfect the script and the entire audition, some good casting directors give another chance and allow you to prove your worth. Next, other than a good headshot, a completed resume would also matter. This is where directors will recognize your credentials, trainings, and workshops. Make sure you have it on this document.

Advice to a Hopeful Actor

It’s all about building relationships when you dive into this kind of industry. Just as any relationship, chemistry is important. You may have nailed it in the audition, yet toward the end, the casting director would recognize that you just don’t make a good match with your role or character. Even if people have asked you to sweat it all out during the audition, what’s important is to take it easy. There are roles that would be perfect for your talent and skill. Keep your mind open to failures and suggestions. They will surely come in handy in your journey.  
Casting Process in Hollywood 101
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However, just because you got the audition yesterday doesn’t mean you can’t nail it when audition day comes. Most casting sites usually provide the script the day before your audition. So, no matter how short the time there is to prepare, just keep on going. Learn to face the fact that once you have got the job, there will never be days where you will never be busy. Consider this as part of your preparation. There will always be time for everything when you can.

Getting the Spotlight

Say you have done everything you can, but couldn’t get any clue whether or not you got the job. Stop wondering how these casting directors will ever be able to find you. It can be frustrating, but getting the spotlight can be easy. DO NOT be desperate. Casting directors very well acknowledge your effort, time, and money. Your talent and acting ability is deeply appreciated. Another way to let the casting directors know where you are is to remind them to check your file. Some of them may give you a call, and there are those who don’t. It’s okay to remind them that you have the qualities they need.
Casting Process
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Don’t lose hope. It may be a competitive world out there, but these aspiring actors are just like you. They want to play a part of the film or TV show. This may be the last step of the process, but you have to think that getting the spotlight is not the end of the journey. Rather, continue to aim for more. The entertainment industry is so wide that learning for new techniques in acting is endless. You may have your natural talent, but you need to polish it and become an expert in this craft. Acting is a learning process. It is also a journey. Casting is your first step in this road to become an actor. Remember, that it is going to be rewarding in the end. You may have recognized how actors receive those awards on stage. Believe that hard work pays off. People will begin to notice your ability, skill, and most of all, your talent in acting. This is crucial. After all, one of the reasons you take this career path is to let the audience know that you can do it too. Take note that the casting process is like selling yourself to your customers – producers and directors. Prove to the casting directors your worth and your talent.