JK Rowling To Produce Harry Potter Stage Play

Marie Skillern| December 22, 2013

The premiere online talent site, Explore Talent, offers excellent service on acting and theater auditions brings you news on JK Rowling’s plans on making Harry Potter Stage Play. The lady who brought you Harry Potter sequel in books and movies now plans to take the character to Broadway. This excites fans as they will see the prequel of Harry Potter on a stage play.

On the author’s website on Friday, December 20, she announced that she will be working alongside Collin Callender and Sonia Friedman. The two veteran theater producers will be working with writers since she will not be writing the script. She has not chosen a writer yet, USA TODAY claimed.

The play will center on Harry Potter’s journey right before heading to Hogwarts. It will showcase Potter’s early childhood, becoming an orphan as well as an outcast. The stage play plans to open in two years time at the London’s West End.

Apart from Harry Potter Stage Play, Rowling plans to release a movie from Hogwart’s book entitled “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”. According to On The Red Carpet, it will be the author’s screenwriting debut. Looks like Harry Potter and JK Rowling fans have so much to look forward for.

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