Elisany Da Cruz Silva: 6’9″ Woman Set to Marry 5’4″ Boyfriend

Brazil’s tallest teen, Elisany Da Cruz Silva, is all set to marry her boyfriend despite their significant height difference. The model stands at 6 ft 8 in, while her childhood love, Francinaldo da Silva Carvalho, is only 5 feet 4 inches.

Elisany da Cruz Silva: World’s Tallest Teen Is Engaged

Elisany Da Cruz Silva Elisany da Cruz Silva hails from Salinopolis, Brazil. At a young age, she acquired a form of gigantism, which was caused by a tumor that grew on her pituitary gland. Even after the doctors removed the tumor that caused her to grow at an abnormal rate, Silva still exceeded 6 ft in height. Her staggering height made her the subject of bullying between her peers, and this forced the teen to eventually leave school because of the constant teasing she received from classmates. On the other hand, Francinaldo da Silva Carvalho looks past Silva’s height and describes his fiance as “beautiful.” He first laid eyes on her after going out to buy bread one day. It was love at first sight for the two, who happened to be engaged just three years after officially becoming a couple. francinaldo carvalho, elisany da cruz silva Carvalho proposed to Elisany da Cruz Silva by the beach back in 2014. He was 23 then, and Silva had just turned 18. Carvalho, who is a construction worker, and his bride-to-be remain unfazed about what others have to say. It also seems like his selfless love has brought back the confidence Silva had lost growing up. The two have already informed Silva’s parents about their plans. Her mother, Ana Maria, was not on board with the idea of having her daughter marry at such a young age.
“I don’t know how this could happen – this proposal. It was a surprise – no-one was expecting it. In spite of everything she is still a very young girl with a lot ahead of her.”
The engaged couple has yet to set an official date for their wedding. According to Carvalho, they are planning to take things slow for now. As of this writing, they are currently living together in their hometown of Salinopolis. But if there is one thing that Silva is excited for aside from their wedding, it is having kids with Carvalho one day. Despite her young age, the teen has always been looking forward to becoming a mom. She has stated that should her growth abnormality get in the way of her pregnancy, then she would be willing to adopt children.