‘The Dunning Man’ Now Casting for Lead and Supporting Roles

Holly Bissonnette| May 18, 2015

Plans for the movie adaptation of the book entitled The Dunning Man are now in motion, and they need various talents to play lead and supporting roles of the film.

Published last October 2014, the 140-page book is a collection of six different stories of people who defy the norms of the society as they try to make and find their way into the world.

The low-budget film will be produced in Atlanta, Georgia, and they want to cast SAG-AFTRA actors and actresses for specific roles.

They need a female talent in her 60s to portray Gillian, a woman who views life with a positive outlook. She is the type of person whom you turn to for advice. Talents from all ethnicities are welcome to audition for the role.

The part of Jerrod is also available for any men in his late 20s with an African American descent. Jerrod has been forced to live with his ex-fiancée, Alice, as he recuperates from the failure of his business venture.

Meanwhile, they need an actor in his late 20s or early 30s for the role of Ferdinand Milosz and a balding actor in his 30s for the character of Ramos Milosz. Both parts require those who are from a Chechen ethnicity. Ferdinand and Ramos are the mustached brother magicians and avid furry enthusiasts. They both work under Joseph Sandone. Ramos, who’s older than Ferdinand, has a well-toned physique but has a bit of a violent streak.

They are also looking for an African American female in her early 20s to bring life to the character of the sassy and satirical Sharon, one of Stryker’s live-in girlfriend who is well aware of her sexual power.

Also, male talents of any ethnicity  who are from 20 to 39 years old are welcome to apply for the Bike Guy part. He is introverted to the point of steering clear from others and shunning conversations in his way as he bears the notion in his mind that everyone is an idiot except for himself.

They also need someone in mid-30s for the part of a repairman who is known for being straightforward and sincere, while they also seek a talent of any age and ethnicity to depict the role of a fat ticket guy who is very territorial of his workplace.

For the part of Linda, they want a female talent in her 40s to play the role of an older woman who is way past her shelf-life. She has been classified as a lady who has been around the block a few times in her earlier years.

In addition to this, they are scouting for an older male of any ethnicity to depict a bartender who is a friend of uncle bishop, while they are also on the lookout for a mid- to late-20s female to portray Erika Hoffman. Erika lives with both Ferdinand and Ramos and is involved with sordid transactions between the brothers.

Bill Scanlon is a banker who has a good rapport with Connor, and they seek someone in his 30s to portray him, while the part of a street-smart punk is open for audition for any 17- to 29-year-old talent of any ethnicity. There is also a vacant slot for the role of a doorman.

If you are interested to play any of the aforementioned roles for The Dunning Man, you can submit your application on or before June 13, 2015.

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‘The Dunning Man’ Now Casting for Lead and Supporting Roles

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