Taylor Swift to Release Her First Full-Length Pop Album

Holly Bissonnette| August 22, 2014
Taylor Swift
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Taylor Swift is saying goodbye to country music, well, at least for the meantime. On October 27th, she will be releasing her first full-length pop album. In a live stream via Yahoo, Swift revealed that her album is titled “1989,” named after her birth year.

Swift revealed during last Monday’s webcast, “I’ve been working on a new album for two years. I like to work on albums for two years because I feel like two years give you enough time to grow and change. This is a bit of a rebirth for me.”

The video of her lead single from the album, Shake It Off, was also unveiled that night. It was directed by Mark Romanek. It was shot two months ago featuring a wide variety of dancers, including b-boys, cheerleaders, ballerinas, twirlers and “twerkers”.

The 1989 album is now available for pre-orders through Swift’s official website. The album comes with a set of imitation Polaroid photos, and a deluxe edition that has three “voice memo” songs that Swift recorded directly over her phone.

Her four previous albums have sold around 100 million copies worldwide and have received seven Grammy Awards.  At the age of 24, Taylor Swift is already one of the best selling artists of her generation.

Watch the official video of Taylor Swift’s 1989 album lead single here:

Taylor Swift – Shake It Off

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