Jared Leto Still Going Strong After a Great Year

Holly Bissonnette| January 28, 2014

2013 was certainly a banner year for actor and musician Jared Leto (“Dallas Buyers Club,” “Lord of War”). His performance in the film “Dallas Buyers Club” earned him  nominations fro Golden Globe, SAG award, and Oscars.

With all of these rewards coming his way, it seems to the casual observer that he has focused his attention on acting and let his band, “30 Second to Mars,” go by the wayside. However, in an interview at the Grammys last week, he assured Entertainment Tonight that this is not the case.

He expressed his gratitude and excitement for the acting honors that have come his way, but also indicated that “30 Seconds to Mars” is in full swing. He spoke of a rigorous upcoming touring schedule, and actually said he had been on stage the night before playing to a crowd in Mexico.

Leto has made a name for himself in several aspects of the entertainment business. His early television work spanned into a successful film career, where he is known as a meticulous method actor. He has also landed very notable musician jobs through his musician auditions. He plays multiple instruments, sings, and writes songs for his band. The awards seem constant and well deserved for this multi-talented performer.

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