Bruno Mars Charms Super Bowl Audience with Halftime Act

Holly Bissonnette| February 4, 2014

The anticipation of the halftime show of each year’s Super Bowl is more significant for some than the game itself. This year, there was some excitement, but also some doubts about the choice of performer for the show.

When it was announced that Bruno Mars would be the main act, the response was somewhat split. According to Yahoo News, those familiar with the singer were ecstatic, as he is known for putting on great live shows. Those who did not know him as well were doubtful that he might have the stage presence to pull off one of the most high-profile live shows in the world.

Mars, however, put all doubts to rest when he took the stage. His performance was an eclectic and dynamic spectacle. He showcased several of his wide array of talents with instruments, vocals, dance, and his flare for paying homage to classic artists and motifs. The show was highlighted further by the appearance of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and the rendition of their song “Give It Away.” Many viewers are referring to this year’s performance as one of the most memorable in Super Bowl history.

Bruno Mars is originally from Hawaii and comes from a family of musicians. Naturally he took to music early in life and attended singing auditions for singing jobs at a young age. He started to gain recognition around 2009 as a producer, writer, and eventually a solo artist. He is now one of the most marketable pop acts in the world.

His fine showing at the Super Bowl will surely propel him even further to super stardom.

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