Ariana Grande in Tears During Her Grammy Appearance

Holly Bissonnette| January 27, 2014

Singer and actress Ariana Grande didn’t have a very good time at the normally festive and jovial Grammy Awards this year. During her red carpet appearance and press interviews, she was in tears.

It seems that Grande has some insecurity issues about her looks and fashion, and these were amplified at the Grammys by some critical Tweets, according to E online. She checked Twitter shortly before taking the red carpet, and ananalytical fan was bashing her dress and hair. This made for a rather upsetting display.

Grande’s distress only grew when she was asked about her friend singer Justin Bieber, and his recent conviction for driving under the influence. Grande showed sad and sympathetic compassion for Bieber as she lamented that so many people are making fun of him for what happened. She said that he has problems with isolation and too much fame and he needs help.

Ariana Grande is known for her childhood acting jobs on Nickelodeon and her singing and songwriting career. She continues to record and to attend acting auditions. Her career has naturally carried many stressors and brought her close to other stars that experience trauma due to their celebrity status. Hopefully she will not suffer the same setbacks as Bieber and others, and she will be in better humor at future events.


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