10 Plus-Size Models Who are Dominating the Industry

Plus size models are not just confident and beautiful. They can also be quite smart and witty. With their wit and abilities, no wonder they are making a big impact in the modeling world. As a matter of fact, there is already a rising number of plus size models who are making a name in the fashion industry. Here are ten names of models who are making a major impact today.

Plus Size model that are dominating the indstry starting with

1. Jennie Runk

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Jennie Runk is still new to plus size modeling. However, she is already making a name in the industry. Last April, Runk modeled for the swimsuit line of H&M. She eventually became the very first plus size model of the company to promote its clothing. Her achievements are pretty impressive considering the fact that she is gifted with a curvy body.

2. Saffi Karina

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Saffi Karina, a British model, started UK’S first ever plus-size model workshop. They called it Curve Project London. The workshop includes a lot of sessions where plus size models are taught how to do their own makeup, how to pose in front of the camera and how to walk on the runway. Karina was a typical model before, but, she decided to switch to plus-size after she was dropped by her agency because of the changes in her body.

3. Crystal Renn

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Crystal Renn decided to switch to plus size modeling when she realized that traditional modeling affected her body a lot. Because of fashion’s high and challenging standards, she was diagnosed to have an eating disorder.

4. Justine LeGault

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Elle Quebec’s May 2013 issue cast Justine LeGault for its cover. For the fashion magazine, putting a gorgeous model with a curvy and fuller figure was a nice idea. Because of that, there were positive feedback and comments that were given.

5. Robyn Lawley

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Because of her exposures in major fashion magazines, Robyn Lawley was called the supermodel of all plus-size models. She appeared in lots of magazine covers like Marie Claire, Elle France and Vogue Italia. Aside from that, she is the very first plus size model who took the spotlight in a high-end designer campaign. Last September 2012, she even signed a contract to model various ads for Ralph Lauren.

6. Tara Lynn

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Models know that they are doing well when they make it on the front cover of magazines. In February 2012, Tara Lynn just did that. Elle France just put her on the cover and called her as “the body.” This means that she is the ideal woman that all women should look up to.

7. Ashley Graham

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Ashley Graham is an American plus size model that was born in Lincoln, Nebraska. She was known best for modeling the lingerie of the Lane Bryant, a plus size clothing store. She appeared in different fashion magazines like Glamour, Latina and Vogue. Also, she appeared in some campaigns of Levi’s.

8. Tess Munster

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It is fascinating to know that the web is filled with blogs that are dedicated to plus size fashion. Among the most popular plus size blogs would be “The Plus Size Life.” Tess Munster, the brains behind the mentioned blog, poses for her own site wearing body-con dresses, bathing suits and other trendy clothes.

9. Candice Huffine

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Candice Huffine proved the world that plus sized women can also be sexy. In the May 2012 issue of S Moda, she posed completely nude. Also, an in-depth interview with Huffine was included inside the magazine where she opened her thoughts about the idea of plus size models influencing the perception of people on the female body.

10. Velvet d’Amour

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By the year 200, Velvet was already making a name in the plus size world. She appeared on Paul Gaultier’s runway show in Paris, featuring their Spring/Summer campaign. Other than that, Velvet is also an outspoken advocate for transformation of the fashion industry. Even if the plus size modeling industry is quite different than the rest, it is still part of modeling. Though the requirements are different, everybody still has to do the same job. These models just proved the world that they too can make extraordinary things by being ordinary and confident. This is probably the reason the world recognized them as the best plus size models of their generation.