How to Land a Contract at Model Auditions

Holly Bissonnette| October 13, 2014
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Modeling auditions can be intensely packed with hundreds of men and women who want to try their luck at becoming models. To the lucky ones who get signed on to the project at the end of the process, it’s a great achievement. Those who weren’t as lucky would go back to their homes and gear up for another audition.

As discouraging as it may sound, auditions work that way: some people get in, some people don’t. It’s a given that agencies have their own insight on what to look for in models, but applicants also take part in their own rejection. To agents, they either did not try enough or lacked determination, and both are very crucial in surviving as a model.

Model Auditions
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The competition aspiring models encounter during auditions is just the tip of the iceberg. To edge out the competition, they will have to be better in walking the runway, they will have to be fiercer on their photographs, they will have to show better emotions on their commercials, and the list will go on and on.

So before an aspiring model starts their journey towards the first of many modeling jobs, they have to know what modeling agencies look for and expect in models. Then they will need to know how to successfully land the contract for modeling auditions. 

The Job of a Model Booker

Model bookers are agents or talent scouts who book models for projects. They have varied ideals of what models are and what they should be. They have the eye for the job, as they say. Once they see someone who catches their eye and offers a good potential, they most definitely won’t pass up on the chance of taking that person under their wing.

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A general guideline to land the job is that they’re looking for someone they can market through different kinds of media. If the person fits into both the commercial and editorial aspects of modeling, then they’re definitely shoo-ins for the job. It helps to get an understanding of their job to get a better picture of who they’re looking for.

Agents are not only responsible for discovering raw modeling talent or pretty faces; they’re also very involved in making sure that the talent gets booked for more jobs. They’re also responsible in grooming the talent and making sure that they’re well taken care of.

To assure the agent that their talent gets more clients in the future, they will have to groom them into more sophisticated and well-rounded models. Agents act like parents to models: they discipline them, make sure they get to the job on time, regulate their partying, make sure that taxes are paid, and get them to workshops and classes if they have to.

So, we should not conclude that they’re merely looking for pretty faces. They’re looking for people whose potentials they could possibly develop and polish them into well-renowned personalities. To agents models are not just good for what people see on the outside, but on the inside as well.

Requirements for Becoming a Model 

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Fashion models have to meet certain requirements. Women need to be at least 5 feet 9 inches and need to be slender. Preferred ages would be from 16 years old to 20 or 21 years old. Their body measurements should also fall within the 34-24-34 requirement.

Men need to fall within the 5 feet 10 inches to 6 feet 2 inches height requirement and they should have a skinny but well-toned body. Their body measurements should fit the 36 inch to 40 inch requirement for the chest and the 30 inch to 32 inch requirement for the waist.

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Qualifications can change depending on the type of modeling that the agent would like to concentrate on. For agents booking models for top modeling agencies like Ford, IMG and Elite, they’re looking for models whose looks can be very versatile because fashion trends can change from season to season.

Agents focusing on commercial models often get models who are attractive, but they don’t necessarily have to fit in to a specific height or weight requirement. Most of these agents book their talents on different modeling jobs, music videos, and sometimes on movies and television shows.

How to Successfully Land That Contract

With an understanding on what agents do and what they expect models to be, laying out the guide to landing a contract during modeling auditions would be easier.

  1. Figuring Things Out

A model needs to have an idea on what type of modeling job they would like to land and what they are most suitable for. Some models may find agents to be picky, but the truth is they’re only going through a long list of people; hiring only those who will really fit what brands stand for.

High fashion brands look for a specific group of men and women whose looks and modeling abilities could make their clothes look very expensive because that’s what haute couture stands for. If one compares it to a Guess model, they’d clearly see a big difference because Guess is aiming for the shabby chic approach. It all boils down to a model’s versatility.

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It’s important for a model to know what they’re really aiming for so they can set their goals for improvement and at the same time target modeling jobs they’re best at, but never rejecting jobs they could also do well in.

  1. Preparing for Audition Day 

Models have to embody beauty and health in every essence. As an aspiring model looks forward to their modeling auditions, they will have to make sure they’re healthy and they look clean and healthy to land it.

Models are advised to keep a healthy lifestyle through hydrating, maintaining a healthy diet, working out regularly and getting ample hours of sleep each day. Beauty regimens will not take effect overnight – not even over a week. So they have to take care of their skin and hair.

Part of the requirements for models is healthy skin and hair. During auditions, most agents will ask models to come with less or without makeup so they can take a look at a model’s skin up close. It’s best to be ready for that.

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  1. Getting the Details Straight to be on Time 

Though this may be considered as part of preparing for auditions, we’re taking this separately because being on time is everything. Those who find themselves late for casting calls and go-sees often give excuses like they got lost or they did not know where it was being held, and worse they forgot about the schedule.

Ladies and gentlemen, there is no acceptable excuse for being late at auditions. It’s either you get there on time, or you’ll lose your chance. Allowing yourself to be late is like passing up the chance to be one of the first people to enter the room and blow the agents away.

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Not only will it affect someone’s chances to land a contract, it will leave a bad impression on agents. Being on time also equates to respecting other people’s time. Time is precious in the industry and agents appreciate those who acknowledge that. A lot.

  1. Practice 

Given the fact that there are many people who are naturally born with a talent in modeling, there will still be a big chance for them to fail because they were not good enough. If someone wants to become a model, they will have to show agents that they really want to be one.

There is always a room for improvement even for those who are already born with it.  Someone who’s practiced so hard will likely get the job over the one who knows they already have it, but just takes it for granted. As much as possible, don’t give other models a chance to edge you out.

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  1. Capture them with Great Personality 

One of the many reasons why agents are so drawn to a model is their personality. Personality is important because agents want to know if the model is someone they can easily handle and represent. An agent’s reputation is greatly affected by the models that they represent and they do not want to taint that through a model’s bad behavior.

Models with very remarkable personalities often land the contract right away because they’re unforgettable. Agents are looking for vibrant and witty individuals who feel good about themselves and acknowledge their abilities.

Those who exhibit professionalism, confidence and genuine love for the job will also make a mark on the agents that so much that it would be hard not to sign them up.

  1. Listen to What They Have to Say 

A person who listens during auditions for modeling jobs often gets better chances to land it. Why? They will understand the demands of the job better. If they get criticized during an audition and get turned down, the fact that they listened to what the agent had to say and using that as a motivation for trying harder – they will get better chances.

Models who listen impress agents because that would mean they won’t have trouble working with photographers, art directors and producers in the future. Better working relations will call for good reputation for a model.

Modeling Auditions
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Generally speaking, an aspiring model will have to work really hard to bag that contract, but it will be worth all the effort and preparation. Interviews may take from ten to twenty minutes; some good twenty minutes that could change lives for those who want it so bad. So they should not pass up on the chance.

If they dont land it on the first try, they should improve their skills and try harder without any hesitation. It’s a tough industry and it needs the toughest people for the job. There are tons of modeling jobs open and one rejection is not the end of the world. It should be a motivation to go through the hundreds of modeling auditions that are beckoning them to become the next top models.

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