Top 10 Most Expensive Celebrity Breast Implants

Denise Richards
A long time ago in Hollywood, celebrities were very confident, despite having small breasts. However, the times have changed  and along with the increased salaries of Hollywood actresses comes increased bust lines. Since many Hollywood A-listers are not naturally blessed with a large endowment, many have secretly gone under the knife to get a curvier figure. Although plastic surgeries have become quite common for many celebs, they are still criticized for having work done on some parts of their face or body. In the entertainment industry, celebrities who undergo breast implants are usually placed in the spotlight by the media. It’s probably because  boob jobs are usually the most noticeable makeover that a celebrity can get. Even though many celebs either deny or try to hide  breast enhancement procedures, quite a few of them tend to  flaunt them in front of the cameras. Since most plastic surgeries don’t come cheap, some celebrities have handed over quite a few dollars to make an upgrade. Here are 10 of the most expensive celebrity breast implants ever recorded in the history of Hollywood:

 10. Salma Hayek

Total Cost: $10,000

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There was a time when Salma Hayek was proud of her small breasts. She was indeed an inspiration to all. She was blessed with natural beauty and feminine curves. Also, she was never scared to show her cleavage. When she first made her big screen appearance in Quentin Tarantino’s From Dusk Till Dawn, she turned heads because of her amazing body lines. From there, her acting career was assured. But, with stardom comes great responsibilities, and in her case, she needed further improvements. Though Salma never really admitted to having her breasts done, she couldn’t fool the camera. Compared to her early photos, her bust size appears a bit bigger and rounder. Regardless of what the actual story is, she still looks great. She is even recognized by In Touch magazine as the 3rd woman with the best breasts in Hollywood.

 9. Carmen Electra

Total Cost: $10,000

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Over a decade ago, Carmen Electra first admitted to having had a double D breast implant. Now, she is rising to fame with her flawless body, winning smile, perfect curves and a great pair of breasts. She is even spotted all the time wearing a revealing tank top. This goes to show how proud she is of her acquisition. Like other expensive celebrities, she didn’t hide her breast augmentation story. She revealed that she needed this to improve her breast size. From a 32B, the former Playboy model went to double D. However, she later admitted that maybe she didn’t need them so big. Nonetheless, Carmen Electra made it on the cover of Playboy magazine four times. Thanks to her perfect breasts.

 8. Nicole Kidman

Total Cost: $15,000

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expensive celebrity Nicole Kidman once had  tiny and almost flat breasts. Nevertheless, this didn’t stop her from wearing revealing dresses. Eventually, this natural beauty decided to have breast implants and multiple Botox injections, although it is completely understandable why she needed a boob job. Whatever might be her reason, it is pretty obvious it was a successful one. Nicole Kidman now has sexy boobs because of the implant. She was even praised by The New York Post for it saying, “Whether surgery – or, just as likely, double-sided tape – was responsible for the bra-less boost, the look will undoubtedly send stabs of envy shooting through other mothers of toddlers.” According to reports, a breast like hers costs approximately $15,000. But, she never really confirmed any of these rumors.

 7. Kelly Rowland

Total Cost: $15,000

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At an early age of 16, Kelly Rowland already thought of having breast implants. Because she was too young at that time, she waited for ten years until deciding to have her breasts done. It was the expensive celebrity Beyonce who advised her to be patient and think things over before making a decision. On October 2007, the former Destiny’s child member, actress, singer, dancer and TV hose finally went under the knife. In the same year, she shocked the world and boasted her new set of breasts. She was honest with it. She admitted in an interview with Cosmopolitan that she didn’t have these done for work or for a man. Instead, she did that to make herself happy. She was satisfied with the results, and it fits her natural look perfectly.

 6. Kate Hudson

Total Cost: $15,000

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If there’s anybody out there who can make small breasts rock, it would be Kate Hudson. For her, having a flat chest wasn’t really a big deal. But that was the story long ago. Now is different. Kate Hudson got her natural beauty and looks from Goldie Hawn. She has this beautiful smile, which was her best asset, but unluckily, she wasn’t blessed with a generous cleavage. This bothered her more than we thought. So, during her 31st birthday, she treated herself with a lovely gift – a boob job. From a completely flat-chest, she achieved a more natural look. The slight breast augmentation was done by Gath Fisher, the most popular cosmetic surgeon in Beverly Hills. Now, expensive celebrity Kate’s breasts appear flawless and natural and she is more confident than ever.

 5. Denise Richards

Total Cost: $25,000

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expensive celebrity Denise Richards is very honest about having breast augmentation procedures. She admits it with no shame. Before, she had these tiny boobs, but when she reached the age of 19, she decided to go under the knife to get them right. After seeing how great her roommates looked, Denise decided to get breast implants. She thought that having implants would make her look better and more feminine. And she was right. Her new breasts paved her way to stardom. Later on, she realized that her breasts were too big, so she decided to reduce it. It was only after the third procedure when she was finally pleased with her looks. Even if she had gone through a number of surgeries, Denise advises all the young girls out there to conduct an extensive research ahead of time before going through such procedures.

 4. Heidi Montag

Total Cost: $30,000

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expensive celebrity Heidi Montag, a former cast member of The Hills, is proud to share her complete story about her plastic surgery procedures. In fact, there was a complete article documenting her excessive plastic surgery experience in an article of People magazine. Many were shocked about her having ten plastic surgery procedures in just one day, but what caused the biggest stir was her whopping G-cup size. A few months later, she thought of having a breast reduction surgery. Unfortunately, her plastic surgeon died making things a bit difficult. All in all, she went through two breast enhancement surgeries. Even if she is having second thoughts about her gigantic cup size, guess she will have to live with the body she chose for now.

 3. Anna Nicole Smith

Total Cost: $33,000

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Anna Nicole Smith worked once as a topless dancer at a bar in Houston, but because of her perfect curves, long blonde hair, beautiful smile and cool personality she became one Hollywood’s hottest sensations. Smith made it big in the industry after winning the Playboy Cover Contest. She was first discovered by a photographer in Texas, and from there, she pursued her modeling career and chose to have breast enhancement surgery. Following her win, she was named playmate of the year in 1993. From there, more opportunities opened. She became a GUESS model and got her own reality TV show. She even married a multi-millionaire 63 years older than her. It is undeniable that her breast implants opened doors for her. When the late TV host died, plenty of rumors began to revolve. After she underwent surgery to fix her implants, she was prescribed various drugs. Some people believe that this might have been the cause of her untimely death.

 2. Pamela Anderson

Total Cost: $35,000

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When she starred in Baywatch, Pamela Anderson had these natural curvy lines that everyone admired. But when she had her breasts enlarged, her career skyrocketed. Since she’s been blessed with a perfect body, she is now spending almost her whole life under the spotlight. Even before she went through surgeries, she already appeared in Playboy twice. It was only in 1990 when she had her first procedure and nine years later, she had her implants removed. In 2004, she went under the knife again, but this time, she opted for a bigger one. Now, she boasts her breasts with no shame. She is even credited as being one of those who started the boob craze in America.

 1. Angelina Jolie

Total Cost: 40,000

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Even at a very young age, Angelina Jolie already knew how to play with her looks. She already had everything – a charming beauty and a perfect body, not until 2013. Angelina decided to give her career a life by having a bigger breast. Sad to say, she lost her other breast while undergoing a double mastectomy after it was traced that there is an 87% chance of developing breast cancer. Angelina spent $3,000 for the tests alone. Also, the double mastectomy cost her $15,000. But, it wasn’t the only procedures she had to go through. She needed to undergo reconstructive surgery, adding up to her high breast implant costs. The actress admits that her procedures are way too much for an average person. She even ignited a worldwide frenzy about overly-expensive gene testings and her struggle to making them accessible to all. Despite everything, Angelina is one lucky star. Her chances of dying due to a tormenting disease have been significantly reduced. Even if plastic surgeries are widely accepted in Hollywood, celebrity breast implants still spark controversies. Maybe for reasons that some of these stars go overboard with their implants. Still, many made a good choice as these most expensive celebrity breast implants helped them kick off in their careers.