Johnny Depp: The Man with the Most Unique Roles

Marie Skillern| September 25, 2014

Johnny Depp

He is one of Hollywood’s most eligible bachelors and graced both the small and big screens with many of Hollywood’s unique roles.

Known for his taste of the queer and eccentric roles, Johnny Depp shows just how he is Hollywood’s man with a thousand roles.

I. Early Years:

Johnny Depp is born John Christopher Depp II on June 9, 1963 in Owensboro, Kentucky. He is the youngest of four children to a waitress and a civil engineer. His parents would later divorce when he turned 15. His mother married again and he greatly considered his step father Robert Palmer as an “inspiration.”

Depp’s earliest stint in the entertainment industry came when he only 12 years old by plain guitar in a variety of garage bands. He dropped out while in high school by the encouragement of his school principal to pursue his musical career. It was not until the year 1983 that he was introduced to fellow Hollywood actor Nicholas Cage that he pursued acting as a career.

Johnny Depp’s first stint in acting was in the television series titled 21 Jump Street in which he gained some recognition. But it was not until he was cast for the role of John Waters in the movie Cry Baby (1990) that his career began to rise to super stardom status.

Johnny Depp
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II. An Eye for the Queer and the Eccentric:

His role in Cry Baby has cemented him as one of Hollywood’s rising stars.

Depp then went to star on Tim Burton’s cult classic Edward Scissorhands when he landed in the titular role of Edward. This is the first of the many subsequent films that they would be working on in years to come. Following the success Edward Scissorhands, Depp eventually established a reputation for his taste of the out of this world choices of characters to play. ]

Edward Scissorhands
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He then went on to play in the critically acclaimed movies entitled What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? And Arizona Dream. His other memorable roles included Ichabod Crane in Sleep Hollow and Willy Wonka  in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Depp then went to play more perplexing characters such as Ed Wood in the Tim Burton movie entitled Ed Wood and FBI agent Joseph D. Pistone in the movie Donnie Brasco.

Perhaps his claim to fame role came in 2003 when he played the role of Jack Sparrow in the highly successful Pirates of Caribbean franchise that has currently spanned four movies with an upcoming fifth one in the making. He modeled Jack Sparrow after Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards who even played the role of Jack Sparrow’s father in the films.

Jack Sparrow
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His other memorable roles included the demon barber from Fleet Street, Sweeney Todd, the Mad Hatter in Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland and as Barnabas Collins in Dark Shadows.

Barnabas Collins
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III. Personal Struggles and Issues:

Despite Depp’s success in the limelight, his personal life was more than just a subject of movies. He has had struggles with drug addiction which had him suffering from depression. He had his fair share of displays of unruly behavior when he dated model Kate Moss.

He eventually turned his life around.

IV. Legacy:

Aside from being known as a Hollywood great, Depp has had his fair share of recognition not just from his acting alone. He in fact was awarded as “The Sexiest Man Alive” twice. He earned his star at the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1999. And in 2012 he had been listed by Guinness Book of World Records as the highest paid actor with a fortune of 75 million dollars.

Johnny Depp
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Depp’s unconventional choices of roles just prove that one does not necessarily have to “fit in” just obe recognized for one’s achievement. What is important is how one delivers their A-game to the table.

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