How to Take Low Budget Photos for Your ExploreTalent Profile

How to Take Low Budget Photos for Your ExploreTalent Profile

Explore Talent| January 26, 2015

As an aspiring actor, it is imperative that you market yourself in the best way possible on your ExploreTalent profile . One of the most effective ways is by uploading appealing photos so that to grab the attention of casting directors and decision makers.

Although, it is not always required to have professionally taken photographs on your profile. When used properly, a smart phone can be used very effectively and is a budget friendly option.

Here is the complete guide to taking low budget photos for your ExploreTalent profile.


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 1. Clean the lens of your camera before you start.


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Never start a photo session without ensuring that your camera’s lens is clean. You can get rid of the grime on the lens of your camera phone or your digital camera by gently wiping over it with the use of a microfiber or 100 percent cotton cloth.


2. Be conscious of the lighting.


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If the sun or another source of harsh light is directly behind you, the tendency is your face will have dark shadows on it, giving you a bad picture. If you are shooting at night or in a dark room, then it also follows that your photo will be dark.

So, make sure that your face (especially if you are trying to take a headshot) is properly lighted and you can do this by turning on a lamp if you are in a dark room or going to a shaded area if you are outside.


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 3. Take note of your surroundings.


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Make sure that the background of your photo does not have objects that will distract people from focusing on your face. Keep in mind that your face should be the focal point of your picture. So, if there are objects around you that could possibly steal the limelight away from you, then change your position so that nothing will take away a viewer’s attention from you.


4. Aim for a better camera position or level.


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It is always better if you will hold the camera slightly above the eye level of your subject and have them look up towards you. A pose done in this manner will slim down the neck and will give you or any subject an appearance that is more flattering and a photo that is more than just worthy to upload to your profile.


5. Keep still when taking a photo.


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If you have to, then hold your break while taking a picture. This will not only help keep the camera still, but it will also aid sharpen your photo.

Making even the slightest motion while you are in the process of capturing an image, there is a huge tendency that you will either get a blurry or out-of-focus picture.


6. Save your photo/photos and then upload them to your profile.



Once you are done taking your photos, make sure they are saved on your phone or digital camera, so they can be uploaded and used for your talent profile.

How to upload your photos to you ExploreTalent Profile

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