How Carbohydrates and Fiber Can Help You Live a Healthier Life

The entertainment industry may have started embracing people who are curvier or pack on more weight, but in general, the people here are still great advocates of healthy living. You have to know that a lot of celebrities are very much concerned about staying fit and taking in the right kinds of food to ensure their longevity in the business. So, as an aspiring talent, you have to be to if you want to make a good start with your career. Considering that you will be living a fast-paced life of rehearsals, shootings, and other events, one of the things you have to consider in show business is your cardiovascular health. In United States alone, cardiovascular diseases affect more than one in three adults and it is considered as the leading cause of death among Americans.  In UK, coronary heart disease or CHD is also the leading cause of death with more than 73,000 reported deaths each year. In order to maintain a healthy heart, you should take on a low-fat, high-fiber diet and reduce sugar consumption, aside from practicing a healthy lifestyle and avoiding psycho-social stress. In line with this, you need more right carbohydrates and fibers on your menu to protect you from heart problems.


Carbohydrates are the most important sources of energy for the body. They are turned into glucose by the digestive system and this sugar is used by the body to provide energy for your cells, tissues, and organs.


The Institute of Medicine in America recommends for Americans and Canadians to include fifty to sixty percent carbohydrates to their diet based on the effects of cardiovascular disease and obesity. World Health Organization also suggested fifty to seventy percent of carbs to be included on the national dietary guidelines.

Carbohydrates to Avoid

However, too much intake of carbohydrates may lead to health problems. Do not overindulge in foods with high levels of carbs like processed foods, soft drinks, and jams. They have lesser nutrients and they elevate the triglycerides in the body, which are the chemicals our body cells use to give us energy.

Suggested Sources of Carbohydrates

It is important to take your carbs from the right sources and these include legumes, pastas, brown rice, and whole grain breads. This way, you will get more nutrients, vitamins and fiber.


Fiber are carbohydrates that cannot be digested by the body. Unlike carbohydrates, fibers are not broken down into sugar molecules. Fiber can be soluble and insoluble. Soluble fiber are those which dissolve in water and can be viscous. Insoluble fiber do not dissolve in water and are metabolically inert.


Recent studies show fiber help reduce cholesterol level in the blood and plays a very important role in sustaining a healthy heart. They are known to lower the risk for certain types of cancers and diabetes as well. According to the United States National Academy of Sciences and Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, a regular adult should take in twenty to thirty five grams of fiber a day depending on the calorie intake.

Suggested Sources for Fiber

Whole grains, corn bran, nuts, and wheat are great sources of insoluble fibers. Fruits and vegetables like cauliflower, zucchini and celery are also rich in fiber. For soluble fiber, you can get them from root tubers and vegetables like sweet potatoes and onions. Beans, oats, and fruits like ripe bananas, apple peels, prunes, and plums also contain soluble fiber.

Worst Foods for the Heart

Just because you have the nutrients your heart needs to stay healthy doesn’t mean you can include other dishes on your diet. There are certain foods that you need to lay low on as well.

Added Sugar

Everyone knows added sugar add pounds to your weight and they also increase blood pressure and boost the risks of heart disease. You can still indulge in sweets coming from fruit-based desserts and sparkling water instead of soda.

Saturated Fats

High saturated fats in the body escalate the cholesterol levels, which might lead to arteriosclerotic vascular disease. So, cut out the use of sour cream, mayo, palm oils, and fatty cuts of meat and go for healthier alternatives like plant-based proteins and fish. Having a well-balanced diet is very important to keep your heart healthy, especially if it is coupled with your other healthy lifestyle choices. Keep your heart protected from heart diseases and provide them the nutrients they need to work properly. Remember that a healthy heart leads to a healthier life, which in turn can lead to a long and fulfilling career in show business.