7 of the Most Influential Celebrities on Social Media

Fans are fond of following their favorite stars on social media. Regardless of whether these celebrities are just posing with another celebrity, attending a party, or simply taking a selfie, they usually express their adoration by clicking on Facebook like buttons, re-tweeting them on Twitter fans or clicking on the hearts on Instagram. Although there are several possible reasons why these fans are doing this, it has become a big thing nowadays for celebrities to cater to what their followers want. So, aside from just having a website or promoting their movies or TV shows on the radio or television, a lot of actors are now jumping into the bandwagon of being active in the social network community. In fact, a lot of them are so good at maintaining their online presence that it seems they have cornered the market of social media marketing. So, below are seven of the most influential celebrities, who have gotten the most number of followers in three of today’s most famous social networking sites: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram:  

Top 7: Lady Gaga

Facebook: 67.4 million likes / fans https://www.facebook.com/ladygaga Instagram: 5.8 million followers https://instagram.com/ladygaga/ Twitter: 44.6 million followers https://twitter.com/ladygaga
Lady Gaga
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  Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, also known as Lady Gaga has taken the 7th spot in the top 7 most influential celebrities online. Born in Manhattan, New York, she has found success in the music industry. No one ever thought  though that this dropout from New York University can bring out a total of 4 albums, not to mention the last album she had with Tony Bennett, Cheek to Cheek last year. However, it may not just be her vocals that lured the people to follow her online social network accounts. Her wardrobe choices might have played a part, as well. It has been noted that her “liberating” self image has gotten her a number of followers, both offline and online. Unfortunately, towards the end of her 2013 Born This Way tour, she suffered from a hip injury, which caused her online activities to dwindle. However, even if our influential music celebrity was no longer able to put much attention to her social media accounts, fans and followers still continue to dedicate a part of their lives to her. And, while she may not be tweeting as often now, as she is busy working on her upcoming album, ARTPOP, she can still be seen online. She still ensures that her powerful level of influence is highly maintained regardless of the tons of criticisms she has gotten for being overexposed.  

Top 6: Taylor Swift

Facebook: 74.6 million likes / fans https://www.facebook.com/TaylorSwift Instagram: 22.5 million followers https://instagram.com/taylorswift/ Twitter: 53.3 million followers https://twitter.com/taylorswift13
Taylor Swift
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  With an average of 37,000 new followers each day, it comes as no surprise that Taylor Swift‘s social media account numbers are skyrocketing pretty fast.  This gives evidence to the fact that this 25-year old beauty and talent has captured the heart of her fans both offline and online. Raised in Pennsylvania, Swift moved to Tennessee when she reached the age of 14 and decided to pursue a career in country music. Other than her music, talent, and writing skills, her girl-next-door image has also greatly influenced her fans. Photos of her adorable cat, not to mention, all her selfies are exactly the kind of posts her fans are looking for. Who wouldn’t want to follow and keep posted about a country turned pop star who wears interesting wardrobe and has a life that looks like a Pinterest board?  

Top 5: Katy Perry

Facebook: 77.5 million likes / fans https://www.facebook.com/katyperry Instagram: 15.1 million followers https://instagram.com/katyperry Twitter: 65.8 million followers https://twitter.com/katyperry
Katy Perry
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  It may be that she has the eye of a tiger or perhaps there’s more to it than that, which made people in the Internet realm follow all of Katy Perry‘s social media accounts. It also may be the fact that the singer has made all of the things she share online, Pinterest-ready. If you would look at how she does things on her social media account, then you could say that this artist has mastered the language spoken in social networking communities. But, if Perry speaks the art of sharing, she is also quite good at not over-sharing something online. Moreover, she is good at how to put herself in a position where she will neither have to apologize nor delete tweets. Every post she makes has a reason and a purpose. This probably explains why she got the number of fans and followers to all her online accounts. Aside from her safe and wholesome activities online, her page has more of a professional ambiance that  catches people’s attention and makes them want to visit with her. A dash of informal posts about how she had fun working and being part of the CoverGirl cosmetics added a good kind of balance to the page. Of course, it also helps that the California girl shows her concern for children by providing charitable contributions to UNICEF, which has effectively captured the heart of the social network community.  

Top 4: Justin Bieber

Facebook: 77.9 million likes / fans https://www.facebook.com/JustinBieber Instagram: 23.1 million followers https://instagram.com/justinbieber/ Twitter: 60.8 million followers https://twitter.com/justinbieber
Justin Bieber
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  When Justin Bieber tweets, Bielebers listen. This 19-year old singer, who is turning 20 a few days from now, tweets an average of 8 times in a day. This is how he gained his number of followers in the social network community. When his fans started getting hyped over his posts, other celebrities including Lady Gaga started getting less active with their sites. And, his thousands of fans who sees his posts on Twitter, they don’t just read them, they retweet. This means, they don’t just want to know what he’s got to say, they also want to share them. Even if he has been in a lot of trouble lately, this did not stop the hardcore Bieleber fans to reach provide him with millions of likes and shares. So, right now, it can be said that this pop artist has got the whole world eating right into his hands. As a matter of fact, if you are a fan yourself, you might just consider it a dream come true if you will have the mighty Justin follow you. Bieber fanatics always look forward to seeing and hearing him sing, dance and act, not just on stage and in films, but in some other media as well. And, although you can recognize him in a few TV series and in concerts, it’s always different when you know what’s going on in his career and his life first-hand through social media.  

Top 3: Rihanna

Facebook: 89.9 million likes / fans https://www.facebook.com/rihanna Instagram: 15.6 million followers https://instagram.com/badgalriri/ Twitter: 41.4 million followers https://twitter.com/rihanna
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  Despite being a part of the Instapurge, RiRi is still one of the most influential celebrities in the world of the Internet. Although there were a 1.2 million fans who unfollowed her, there are still those who continue to get excited with her posts and tweets. This is no surprise as there are almost 90 million people who adore her. They love how she sings, ‘Umbrella’ on stage and even on screen. Plus, her captivating looks and charm has really allowed her to convince the audience that she has got the stuff others only dream of and this has made her become the social media giant that she is. So, how did her Twitter account spike to a 41.4 million followers? If Bieber was able to make an average of eight tweets a day, Rihanna updates seven tweets. In fact, whenever she finds opportunities to share to her fans, she goes ahead and does it. Although this sharing may not be that often, she mostly shares what’s in her heart. Her honest posts, unfiltered thoughts, and most of all, her uncensored selfies, are simply the things her fans love about her. Believe it or not, there is no other celebrity who exposes her stardom to her social network community more than Rihanna.  

Top 2: Cristiano Ronaldo

Facebook: 107.1 million likes / fans https://www.facebook.com/Cristiano Instagram: 12.7 million followers https://instagram.com/cristiano/ Twitter: 33.8 million followers https://twitter.com/cristiano
Cristiano Ronaldo
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  He may not be like the other celebrities on this list being a footballer, but Cristiano Ronaldo is no stranger to people around the globe and to the world of Internet as well. He may not sing, dance, or act, but this famous soccer player from Europe has gained millions of fans, who are following his accounts. Ronaldo plays for Real Madrid and heads the National team for his own home country.  Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are this Portuguese athlete’s way to connect to his fans globally and sports fanatics never fail to check his profile to get updates on the latest of his career. With a great body that is often displayed on a few tabloid magazines, girls usually flock towards his social networking accounts like bees to honey. His propensity to date internationally known hot models has also added to his number of followers. People are interested to know whom he’s going with and where he goes.  

Top 1: Shakira

Facebook: 107.4 million likes / fans https://www.facebook.com/shakira Instagram: 6.6 million followers https://instagram.com/shakira/ Twitter: 29.5 million followers https://twitter.com/shakira
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  Shakira’s hips don’t lie. Recently, she posted a picture from her video shoot and this garnered a number of thumbs up and shares that could explain the 107 million fans following her Facebook account all over the world and this number is still rising every day. Believe it or not, everything her fans know about her comes directly from her. As a matter of fact, when she was set to give birth in January this year, Shakira fans were literally almost jumping up and down in their excitement to see Milan, her son. And, the moment she tweeted her birth announcement on the 22nd of January, it contained a brief message that surprised her millions of followers.
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  The name of her son, ‘Milan Pique Mebarak’ along with a link was retweeted for more than 16,000 times from her Twitter account. Aside from her tweet, a number of her Facebook posts were also shared and received thousands of Likes. Aside from influencing crowds offstage, Sharika has also gotten the love of the Internet community. As she has several bilingual Facebook pages, the singer is able to captured millions of hearts all across the globe.

Trivia on Shakira:

Did you know that Shakira has actually set a new world Guinness record for reaching a hundred million likes in Facebook?
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Yes, it has been confirmed that the pop star has set a social media record. After she gained the numbers, Guinness World Records proclaimed her as the first person to reach 100 million Likes on her Facebook account. So, what caused the hype that made her get these figures? It came after she posted a photo of herself at the Maracana Stadium in Rio, Brazil, which everyone just could not resist to share, like or retweet. The image was taken prior to her performance during the closing ceremony at the 2014 FIFA World Cup. In a matter of four days, the photo gathered more than 3.5 million likes. In fact, this is Shakira’s most liked image among her Facebook posts. The singer expressed that she felt humbled and honored after reaching this new milestone. To her, it’s all about creating a connection and building a relationship with her fans and with everyone else from all parts of the globe. Indeed, she has greatly found a good way to engage with not just her fans, but also those who know and would want to know her. She has used Facebook as a good multi-media tool to achieve this incredible breakthrough of reaching 100 million fans. Considering the numbers the celebrities have garnered when it comes to their social media accounts, it can be said that they have learned how to connect well with their fans and influence them in their own distinctive ways. This goes to show that if a star will really get out of his way to really connect with people, then they will be rewarded by an overwhelming response that could warm their hearts.