How to Become an Extra

Explore Talent| June 22, 2015

Becoming an extra won’t make you an instant star, but it will give you the opportunity to visit major film and TV studios and rub elbows with Hollywood’s finest stars. And if you are lucky, you might just land the role that will launch your acting career.

There is nothing wrong about starting as an extra. As a matter of fact, some of the most sought after celebrities today like Brad Pitt, Clint Eastwood, Renee Zellweger, and Jackie Chan, started out as extras before they became famous. For you to be guided on how to become an extra, below are some important steps:

1. Become a member of ExploreTalent.

As an aspiring actor, starting as a member of ExploreTalent is a wise move. By signing up with the world’s largest talent resource sites, you will have exclusive access to the most recent film and TV productions around in a specific area. Also, you will get the chance to make connections with people working in the industry. If you wish to create a free ExploreTalent profile, click here.

2. Look for casting calls for extra.

Finding a job as an extra is just like looking for other jobs. It requires patience and determination. But, with the recent technological advancements, looking for one is just a piece of cake.

Casting calls are often seen on the websites of movies being produced, on the sites of casting agencies, and even on talent resource sites. Casting directors normally post the requirements and qualities of the extras they are looking for. So, if you do not fit the description, do not bother applying. You don’t want to waste the casting director’s time.

3. Prepare your resume and headshot.

A resume and a headshot are necessary to get you work as an extra. A resume includes your name, your contact information, details about your physical features, and your acting experience while a headshot is simply an 8×10 photo usually attached to the resume. Both resume and headshot are required for all sorts of casting calls. Without these, it will be impossible for you to submit yourself for extra roles.

4. Be professional.

When a movie is in the production stage, extras are usually given a call time, and usually, it is a bit earlier than the lead stars. As an extra, you need to act professionally and be punctual for your call times. This will leave a lasting impression that you are giving importance to your role no matter how small it is.

5. Bring your own props and wardrobe.

The best thing about being an extra is that there is no special training required. All you need is the right looks and the correct wardrobe. However, depending on the type and budget of the production, extras may or may not be included in wardrobe, hair, and makeup. Most often, they are just informed ahead of time of the type of clothing they need to wear.

An extra is probably one of the least exciting positions on the set. But even so, they are considered an essential element in any production. They make scenes appear realistic, especially those that require large crowds.

Even though the extras are expected to stay on set from the beginning of the production until the end, they are still compensated well. This will definitely be a good start for your career.

To start your acting career, visit and find the right job for you.

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