Five Important Acting Advice in Preparing for Auditions

Marie Skillern| October 15, 2013

If you are aspiring to become an actor, among the things you should always be on the lookout for are acting advice. These will help you fare better in your auditions and casting calls. Keep in mind that these casting calls are systematic ways of selecting certain actors, actresses, dancers and singers to play certain roles in movie, theater, commercials and modeling productions. So, you need to be well-prepared for them.

During auditions most aspiring actors have cold feet, butterflies in their stomachs and sometimes, even panic attacks. These feelings are normal but don’t let these feelings control you, as these can overwhelm you and distract you in your performance. To help in maintaining your composure during an audition, here are 5 tips on getting yourself ready before going to auditions:

1. Be prepared. You should not arrive unprepared during any audition. Being ready will lessen your nervousness while on stage. Check everything you need. Are your lines ready? Do you have to bring props? Does your outfit or costume fit the role that you will be auditioning for? Ask yourself these questions before going to your auditions.

2. Don’t overreact. Sometimes, your acting can be over the top or it can be dull or uneffective. Before you start acting and delivering your lines, read the script ahead of time and know the emotions that will help you in becoming a more effective actor. Internalizing the character of the role you are auditioning for helps a lot. This will allow you to deliver just the right amount of emotions into either your monologue or your assigned piece for cold reading.

3. Know your character. There are times when actors who audition for certain roles don’t have the knowledge about the character they are auditioning for. You don’t want that to happen to you, right? It is important for you to have ample information about the particular role you will be playing. Most casting directors will ask this question before you deliver your lines and there will be no point in lying because they can easily identify if you know your character by heart or not the moment you deliver your audition piece.

4. Be creative. Some auditions may require you to think out of the box. Casting directors will give a certain scenario and a specific materials and it’s up to you how you’re gonna play the scene with your own lines. You must effectively bring the casting panel to the scene and let them feel that they are in a different room.

5. Own it. Each actor has a different style and technique in acting. Imitating someone to get the role you want won’t be very effective. You should know your own style and acting techniqes and let this come out during auditions. Your acting style will serve as your uniqueness and individuality.

These five essential acting advices are just among the many you have to keep in mind in preparing for any casting call or audition you want to be part of. Observing these acting advice will help you succeed and get the acting jobs you are aiming for.


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