How To Choose the Best Headshots for Your Modeling Auditions

Modeling Auditions
Too many headshots, too little time to choose for your modeling auditions. You have to admit, with the number of photos you have, the more difficult it would be for you to select which ones to add in your profile. Remember, your headshot serves as your ticket to the realm of models and the industry.
 Perfect Headshot for Modeling Auditions
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Think about selling a product – you, to your potential customers – agent, directors, and casting people. So, what do you do? Your best decision matters the most. In short, the final image you choose will have to create an impact to your future career. Because we’re living in the digital world, with the photographers who have the skill to provide the best headshot you can think of, how do you choose the best proof for your auditions and land a modeling job? Before you begin to take note of the steps you need to follow, carefully consider on these questions in order to enlighten your mind in choosing the right headshot.

Question # 1: Is it technically perfect?

Your eyes are the best instruments to determine whether or not you have the right photo at hand. There are times when you think it is technically correct, but to someone, it isn’t. This is your chance to take advantage of the people who are willing to feed your mind and come to a decision.
 Perfect Headshot for Modeling Auditions
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The Right People Who Can Review Your Photos

1. You, Yourself and You Again

Say you have a number of headshots at hand. The future of your modeling career lies in the perfect photo for your profile. What do you do? Compare, stare, and be aware that whatever catches your attention, keep it and consider. You can always deliberate it later on. Of course, you need to spot some flaws in every aspect of the image, eliminate those that make your eye sore. In short, during this first stage, your gut feeling may be crucial, but the moment you begin to compare photos, you will soon realize which image should be perfect for your upcoming modeling auditions.

2. Photographer

A good photographer knows his or her own work. Moreover, he or she can recognize and tell whether or not something is wrong with your headshot. Although you may be in good hands with the right photographer, there are times when no matter how excellent they are, they still make mistakes. They’re humans and they are capable of making one. But this doesn’t mean you forget about partnering with a better photographer, it is always convenient when you have one. Just remember to let your partner know about your goals and the career you are expecting. Once the photographer knows about this, choosing the right headshot for you will come easy.

3. Friends and Family

Believe it or not, your friends and family may know all your scars, blemish, wrinkles, and flaws, but they are the people who could not dare to tell you so. Although there are times when they would rather choose your ‘sweet’ headshot images, but they are not perfect for marketing profile. Remember, that you are looking for an opportunity to land in any modeling jobs. So, ask them to be fair and most of all, be professional in selecting for the photos you will use for your modeling jobs auditions.
 Perfect Headshot for Modeling Auditions
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Overall, it is vital to play close attention to the following areas:
  • Where the photo is focused. Your face has to be on spotlight.
  • Take a closer look on the white and hot spots from the lighting particularly on your nose and forehead.
  • Keep an eye on your hair. They might be going in different directions.
Even if it is just the local modeling auditions that you are trying to dive into, being prepared with the right profile at hand is the key to land a great career.

Question # 2: Does the headshot create a strong magnetic marketing pull to the viewer?

 Perfect Headshot for Modeling Auditions
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Again, your main goal is to make the viewer stop and focus on your photo. This may sound like a marketing strategy, but when you think about it, the reason you need to choose the right headshot image is to hit at the top model auditions. Consider it a package of the product you are selling. Think about the director, modeling agencies, and even the people in charge for the casting, are your buyers. The moment they would be captivated by your headshot image, they wouldn’t hesitate to give you an opportunity in the industry. Not everyone are given the chance, grab it while you can. Modeling auditions in Chicago focus on aspiring models who have better profiles in their hand. Other than seeing the latest photo of your face, looking at sincere and honest headshots makes a difference. It’s not just an image of yourself, but a character that perfectly represents you.

Question # 3: Does the headshot represent you?

At this point, you may have answered a couple of questions that were opened for discussion, this last question may sound simple, yet it is important. Otherwise, you will never be able to find a job in the modeling industry. It is pretty obvious that the headshot you will be providing for your profile when auditions come, is an image that would represent you. It means that you need to feel confident about the photo you have just selected. Nobody would want to look at a headshot that portrays a person who hates the world. Additionally, there is no one who would consider looking at an image of a person who just had a bad day. Instead, you need to have the best photo at the right angle, with the best expression that reveals the inner you. Perhaps, you may have the answers to these questions provided above; it is about time to learn the steps in choosing the right headshot photo of yourself. You have witnessed a number of potential models who even have the best modeling tips kept in their pocket, but failed during the auditions. There’s only one reason they are never able to get the job they have always been dreaming of. You failed to pick the right and perfect headshot for the modeling auditions. You have seen so many aspiring models that even went through the proper steps, yet are unsuccessful. The key is to go through these three steps and you will be surprised how you will just land in a career you have been wishing for.
 Perfect Headshot for Modeling Auditions
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Step 1: Review

First, it is best to narrow down your choices. You can never give away all your photos to a modeling agency. Unless, you are asked to bring 20 to 50 headshot images attached to your profile, then you need to take all those images with you when you meet. However, that isn’t what will happen during the auditions. The three questions discussed above should enable you to prepare in selecting the right photo an agent, director, or a casting crew will look into. If you have gone through all of it, it wouldn’t be a struggle. Sure, every photo you have in your hand may look interesting, but not all of it obtains the professional features. Just as when you ask your friends and family for a feedback, they wouldn’t be able to determine the flaws in the headshot right away. Other than trusting your own instinct or gut, asking for other people’s feedback matters. This happens when you’re one of those people who find every picture of them unpleasant. Their opinions count the most at this point. Once you have reviewed the headshot photos you have, it’s time to move on to the next step.

Step 2: Compare

In order to eliminate the bad headshots, you need to have an idea how to compare images. Even if you hired a professional photographer, the decision still boils down to your choice. In other words, your future career lies in your selection. Bad Headshot VS Good Headshot
 Perfect Headshot for Modeling Auditions
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You have to accept that most aspiring models often choose terrible headshot images. Whenever this happens, you know that no casting crew, director, or agent will consider your talent and potential. Take note of the real definition of what a headshot is. Picking the right headshot is like making an investment. Once you have made a selection, you are ready to create your career. Learn to know the difference between these two kinds of headshot. Good Headshot refers to what and who the model is. It’s all about revealing his/her personality, not the lighting skills and techniques the photographer is using. A good image is about the product – you. Lighting, angle, mood, and etc. are going to be revealed later on. This means, the viewer focuses over the subject first, then, the other details of the image next. Think about putting an icing on the cake. Sure it may add color to the cake, but the main object is the cake itself. Meanwhile, a bad headshot means when the viewers do not find the image amusing. So, what ruins a photo? Whenever the lighting is bad, terrible angle and mood, all combined creates a bad headshot. Believe it or not, most of the bad headshots are taken from amateur and even the potential model herself/himself. Always consider a professional photographer’s skills and talent. They know how to capture an image that would perfectly captivate the viewer during the auditions.

Step 3: Final Selection

You’ve come to the final step which is coming to a final choice and decision. During this step, it is important to be honest and most of all, sincere. Otherwise, you will not be able to make your dreams into reality. Here is a complete checklist before you take that headshot to your auditions.
 Perfect Headshot for Modeling Auditions
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 1. Do your eyes captivate?

Perhaps, there is truth to what most people say that the eyes are the windows to your soul. Make sure that your eyes are wide open and captivating. It should be fully open that it depicts your character deep within.

2. Do you look natural?

Sometimes, a model thinks she/he looks good in the headshot. Truth is, he/she is simply trying too hard. It’s not natural. Consider those shots where you look natural and most of all, spontaneous.

3. Do you look honest and sincere?

Although you would be there in person handing in your profile during the auditions, you must not neglect about looking honest and sincere. Your headshot has to deliver a message that you are willing to be part of the industry.

4. Does the headshot look intriguing?

Even if you look honest and sincere in your headshot, it is necessary to create a room for the directors, modeling agents, and casting crews to be intrigued with your photo. In short, your image has to grab attention to the viewers.

5. Is it a marketing tool?

You have to keep in mind that your headshot is a tool that can hit your goals. And your main objective is to take advantage of the headshot to let you get a career in the modeling industry. So, consider those photos that look professional and “sweet” at the same time.

6. Is it the latest photo?

Lastly, you need to present a recent headshot. You could not just choose whatever image you like. Select a recent and decent photo of yourself and no one else. If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to all the questions in the checklist, then you are good to go. Eventually, there wouldn’t be anyone out there who knows you. After all, it is your career and you need to be in charge of it. So, trust yourself, be truthful before making that final choice. Remember, loving your headshot can also create an impact during the auditions. Be inspired and get that job.