where beginner actor can find acting auditions

Where Does a Beginner Actor Find Acting Auditions?

Holly| August 8, 2019

So you’ve finally mustered up the courage and decided that you want to try out beginner actor. Where do you start? Obviously, auditions. But since you’re just starting, how do you exactly find acting auditions or casting calls?

If you think you’ve got what it takes to become an actor, start seeking for the following audition outlets on your own. Here’s how and where a beginner actor can find the latest auditions and casting calls.

Where Does a Beginner Actor Find Acting Auditions and Casting Calls?

Talent agent

First and foremost, actors have talent agents whose job is to actively find work for them. On top of that, a talent agent also defends, supports, and promotes the interests of their clients. So if you have friends, colleagues, or classmates who have talent agents, you may ask them to submit your information for you.

Where Beginner Actor Can Find Auditions
Rachelle Morvant

Prepare a beginner’s portfolio (headshot, résumé, and reel, if you already have one) and give it to them. If, on the other hand, you do not know anyone with connections to a talent agency, you may look for a local group of actors, get to know them, and ask them about talent agencies.

If you don’t want to hire an agent, however, you’ll have to find acting auditions yourself. That doesn’t make you any different! There are actors who want to constantly be proactive in their career, aggressive in their search for work, and able to make their own career choices.

School productions

You may not know it, but actually, school productions do matter in the real world as relevant experience, especially in the entertainment industry. School productions entice industry directors and producers as audience, or if you’re lucky, your teachers could actually be professional playwrights or producers. Join these organizations or audition for them when you have the chance. Even if it is a volunteer or low-paying project, this may help you get noticed by a talent agent.

Westfield School
Westfield School

A job well done could make a lasting impression on your superiors and land you somewhere!


Many beginner actor attend workshops in order to learn, meet, and perform for experienced personalities. Should you choose to pay to attend a casting director workshop, this can be a great way to meet casting directors and possibly be called in for auditions.

Choose workshops facilitated by mentors with considerable credentials, background, and experience. You may need to save up some money to enroll, but you also get to learn industry knowledge, acting theories, tips, and local personalities by the end of the classes in return. Aside from that, enrollees will be required to participate in a fancy culminating event, which could be attended by prominent people in the industry. Do your best in your performance, and they might notice you. Don’t forget to keep in touch with the mentors and organizers as well. They could turn out to be valuable connections someday as some are known to refer their “graduates” to local productions when talents are needed.


Even though it is certainly not guaranteed that you will find acting auditions, the workshops can be very informative about the projects that a casting office is currently working on.

Performing arts / film schools

Schools that focus on the art of making plays and films continually produce performances or films and participate in events, so they’re always on the lookout for talents in every project. There are local universities that offer degree programs in filmmaking and acting here and there. The course outlines all require films as student outputs, so the students are bound to put up casting calls every trimester or semester. A single project you have with them will surely turn in a lot of valuable connections.

New York Film Academy
New York Film Academy

You can also consider enrolling to these schools, but if you find yourself unable, you may have friends or other connections studying there who can update you and help you find acting auditions there regularly.

Social media

You should definitely be utilizing social media in order to further your acting career. Because almost everyone is using social media to connect and advertise, you can actually find acting auditions, learn about castings, make industry connections, obtain agents, meet new friends, and book jobs through social networking. It is changing the entertainment industry and creating new opportunities for performers everywhere.


Look up film schools, productions, local enthusiast communities; follow their pages or join their groups; and turn on notifications to stay up to date on news and important posts. Even film festivals announce on social media whenever contingents have a need for talents.


Searching online for auditions is a great way to find opportunities for acting work and to submit yourself for projects. Like social media accounts, some film, theater, or TV productions also have official websites where they post announcements in. Aside from that, there are several websites that function as job boards, which let you search for and find acting auditions or notify you when there are any in your area.

First of all, it is important to be certain that the websites that you choose to utilize are legitimate.  Do your research as there are many websites that charge fees and promise to deliver countless auditions but may be scams.

Marci Liroff
Marci Liroff

For a low monthly fee, these websites let you post your headshot, résumé, and special skills. Auditions that match your basic information, like gender and age range, will come into your inbox, and you can decide whether to pursue them. Explore Talent is one such talent resource site with over twenty thousand available casting calls for you to choose from.

Print and broadcast media

Many TV networks announce casting calls for shows or other projects on their websites or as commercials. Theater auditions and castings, on the other hand, are often published in theater magazines or local newspapers. So don’t shy away from major newspapers in large cities. There could be ads and classifieds you can come across. Even regularly tuning in to the radio can turn in unexpected projects.


Good Luck!

You have the power to do just about anything, and to find acting auditions on your own is no impossible task. But like everything else in this industry, it will take hard work, perseverance, and determination.

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