3 Ways to Assist Child Actors Create Good First Impressions

Creating first impressions is very important for child actors during acting auditions. It is the first component of creating a meaningful personal connection with the casting panel. Invaluable in any profession, a good first impression is an absolute must in the entertainment industry. If you are not completely confident, or if you have had a really rough day, do your best to fake it. We all have first impressions when we meet someone, casting directors and/or producers are no different. According to a research from Princeton University, a casting director will size you up the minute you walk through the door. However, this is actually a bit wrong as it is said that people can make incredibly accurate snap judgments in a tenth of a second. So, if you wish to exercise your responsibility as a supportive parent and help your kid create good impressions during their auditions, here are a few things you can do to assist them: 1. Allow your kid to practice with friends. Good communication is an essential tool in achieving productivity and maintaining strong working relationships at all levels of an organization. In the acting industry, there are lots of people your child will encounter especially during auditions. Help them connect with other aspiring talents or with the rest of your family by organizing a game they can participate in together. This is a good way for your child to practice their communication skills. You can do a game where each player will have to talk about their first impressions of the other individuals in the group. With these, they can work on improving their poise, maintaining eye contact, smiling, and listening, among others aspects of communication that can help them boost their self confidence. 2. Teach your child to create good rapport with strangers. Building rapport and engaging with people whether it is in person or online takes practice. Much of it is based on intuition. It is about creating a bond or a connection and understanding the other person. The goal here is to connect with others and get them thinking, feeling, reacting, and involved with what you are saying or doing. It does not matter if you are auditioning, making a sales pitch or doing a job interview. Rapport building is an art and skill in communication that is used daily in all of our relationships. So, as your child actors gain self-confidence when it comes to interacting with friends and families, it is also best if they will practice with other people. Encourage them to get to know a diverse group of people. They could not possibly act like someone they have never met. Let them talk to people they would normally not think of spending time with. Doing this will teach them more about different kinds of people and various perspectives on viewing the world.  This is a great attitude you can teach your child as he will surely encounter diverse types of people during auditions. 3. Help them prepare to be remembered. There are skills and techniques in going to acting auditions that can and must be learned unless your kid was born knowing how to walk in and take over an audition room.  A great audition begins with your child preparing their materials and themselves and it culminates in a graceful exit after the presentation of these materials. You also need to assist your child by guiding them in knowing the possible answers to the questions that could be asked during casting calls. Ask them about their leisure activities, families, peers and school. Just remember though that the most important is that they are able to answer the questions as comfortably as they can. When your child actors is already able present themselves as being quick-witted, intelligent and confident about their abilities, then they will already be on their way to stardom. Keep in mind that casting professionals are not only looking for talent, but those who are able to take directions and who can contribute to a comfortable workplace. Making a good first impression is incredibly important, because your child will only get one shot at it and that this will be remembered by the casting director. Even if your kid is not right for the role they are auditioning for, they may be considered for future productions. Following the tips mentioned above will provide your child the self confidence and adequate skills in communication, which they will need to ensure the positive results of their casting interview. They will help in shaping your kid to become the best child actor they can be.