You Won’t Believe What this Elementary Student Can Do

A cover version or what is more popularly known as a cover is simply described as a new performance or a new rendition of a previously recorded song by someone other than the song’s original artist. And, one of such covers is contained in a video and showcases an elementary student named Mia Negovetic. The video, which featured Mia belting out her own interpretation of Beyonce’s “Listen”, was posted in June 15, 2014  on YouTube has gone viral and have garnered 864,366 views so far. The over three-minute video featured her flawless performance of the song that was featured in the 2006 film, Dreamgirls, starring Beyonce Knowles herself as well as Jennifer Hudson and Jamie Foxx. Mia’s performance was featured during a Christmas party held at Primorje – Gorski Kotar County Elementary School. The venue was held at the Croation Cultural Center. This 11-year-old girl comes from a musical background, as both of her parents have had careers in the music industry. Her mother was a singer in a band, while her father worked as a instrumentalist, playing both the guitar and drums. They expressed their amazement over their daughter’s talent, which they happily described as having surpassed their own. When asked who her favorite singers are, Mia came up an amazing roster of artists. Aside from Beyonce, the young girl idolizes local artists like Natali and Ivana Kindl. She also named the late singer Whitney Houston as well Celine Dion, Bruno Mars and Megan Trainor as among her favorites. Mia admitted that she has not received formal training in singing. Regardless, she is still an excellent singer who is also a straight A student. She is into gymnastics as well. Although the elementary student has expressed her interest in singing, she said she has has never considered to become a professional singer, despite everybody’s encouragement. This was what she said (translated from Croatian):
“It comes from me, I sing from the heart. I would not have just done, without doing it wholeheartedly. Honestly, I would love to be a cook, not a singer. It seems to me that the singers spend too much time devoted to their career and do not have much free time. I would love to have a family someday. “
Check out the 11-year-old’s amazing rendition of “Listen” below: