World’s Smallest Woman Joins the American Horror Story Cast

It looks like the American Horror Story cast will be joined by a Guinness Book of World Records title holder. The upcoming season will feature the world’s smallest woman, Jyoti Amge, alongside Jessica Lange and Patti LaBelle. Amge is considered to be the world’s smallest woman. This 20-year old native from India stands a mere two feet and six inches tall.
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Her co-star Patti LaBelle will play Gabourey Sidibe’s mother and is slated to do four episodes in the season while Jessica Lange will play a German ringleader. Creator Ryan Murphy revealed the surprise cast of  The American Horror Story on  Twitter last August 13, as he divulged the additional cast member for the show’s upcoming season. With the current 3rd season about to wrap up, Murphy has revealed a little of what the new season will be all about. The 4th season will be set in the 1950’s, particularly in the traditional circus town of Jupiter, Florida. The subtitle of season four is “Freakshow.” Season four is set to be aired in October of this year.