Where Can You Find Acting Jobs Online?

Holly Bissonnette| September 13, 2019

In the age of the Internet, looking for jobs, collaborations, and even freelance opportunities is one search button away. If you were wondering about the possibility of finding acting jobs, there are indeed thousands of casting calls you can find online.

find acting jobs online

Still, times may have changed, but the traditional way of putting yourself out there, like submitting your portfolios to agencies, should work like magic as always. However, options are not limited to this, especially considering the fact that it’s hard to book a gig when you’re relatively unknown as of now.

If you are planning to take things online, here’s how you can use the Internet to find auditions by yourself.

How You Can Find Acting Jobs Online

Social media

You should definitely be utilizing social media in order to further your acting career. Because almost everyone is using social media to connect and advertise, finding auditions, learning about castings, making industry connections, obtaining agents, meeting new friends, and booking jobs through social networking are now possible. It is changing the entertainment industry and creating new opportunities for performers everywhere.

find acting jobs online

Look up film schools, productions, local enthusiast communities; follow their pages or join their groups; and turn on notifications to stay up to date on news and important posts. There are also Facebook groups dedicated to casting calls, and most major cities have groups specifically for them. Creatives often announce casting calls too, sometimes affectionately referred to as cattle calls, or a one-off acting job on social media feeds. Even film festivals announce on social media whenever contingents have a need for talents.

Many creatives also treat Instagram as a social media portfolio. As movie actors and TV stars compete for roles, the appetite for actors who can build a following of their own has never been greater. Post pictures of your work regularly, and be open to collaboration opportunities!

Find acting jobs online like Casting websites

Finding auditions online is a great way to find opportunities for acting work and to submit yourself for projects. Like social media accounts, some film, theater, or TV productions also have official websites where they post announcements in. Aside from that, there are several websites that function as job boards, which help you in finding auditions. They also notify you when there are any in your area.

find acting jobs online

First of all, it is important to be certain that the websites that you choose to utilize are legitimate. Do your research! There are many websites that charge fees and promise to deliver countless auditions but may be scams.

For a low monthly fee, these websites let you post your headshot, résumé, and special skills. Auditions that match your basic information will come into your inbox, and you can decide whether to pursue them. Explore Talent is one such talent resource site with over twenty thousand available casting calls for you to choose from.

IMDb for cold-emailing

Having up-to-date knowledge of available talent is actually a casting director’s job requirement. So cold-emailing now and again, especially when you have something interesting to share, is going to somehow help you get noticed.


If a casting director has their email address listed on IMDb, cold-emailing them is actually acceptable. You will need to know what this CD wants, likes, and needs. This means you have to research them first and find out why you would be the perfect fit for them and the projects they are casting. Why are you contacting this CD specifically? And yes, this may take a hell of a lot longer than just copying and pasting a generic email and sending it to the inbox of every casting director around, but this is what you got to do for your campaign to be effective.

Prepare a beginner’s portfolio (headshot, résumé, and reel, if you already have one) and give it to them. If, on the other hand, you do not know anyone with connections to a casting directors, you may look for a local group of actors, get to know them, and ask them about casting agencies.

When the time comes, the casting director will look through their list of available acting talent before deciding to hold auditions when they’re looking for a type. You’re lucky if they pick you.

Good luck!

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