What You Should Wear to a Modeling Audition

Holly Bissonnette| February 27, 2014

There has been a recent widening of the spectrum of individuals eligible for the modeling profession with the boom of plus size modeling. Consequently, there has been an increase in aspiring models getting their fist opportunities to find modeling jobs and modeling auditions. This phenomenon has begged the obvious question from many of them of what to wear to a modeling audition, and other modeling tips.

Here are the helpful tips we have gathered some helpful tips for the proper attire at a modeling audition.

According to John Casablancas, simple is the way to go. When you attend a modeling audition, the main focus of the judges’ attention will be on your appearance. They are interested in how you look naturally, without being made up and dressed to kill. This will indicate to them what you have to offer without all of the accessories and trendy clothing that will come later.

Your choice of clothing should be neat, clean, simple, and form fitting without being too revealing. Keep it fairly plain and understated. You do not want what you wear to distract from your body and facial features. Jewelry should be minimal for the same reason.

Remember that a modeling audition is more about your look and presence than what you wear. If your body language and carriage are good, and your outfit does not take attention away from them, you are likely to impress.

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