Wardrobe Staples for Plus Size Modeling Auditions

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  Whether you are a regular model or a plus-size model, looking good is not limited to walking on the runway or standing in front of a camera during a photo shoot. It should extend to all instances of your life including going to plus size modeling auditions or plus size modeling jobs. These times require a great deal of preparation as well as an arsenal of clothing staples that should be in your wardrobe. Having certain clothing essentials in your possession will practically save you in more than ways than one. They will not only allow you to be prepared without much fuss, but will prime up your look for your auditions or jobs. And, you do know how important it is to look just right when you are applying to become a face of a product or a brand, right? So, below is the list of wardrobe essentials you should have:  
  •  The White Button Down Shirt
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  One of the things that every plus size model should have is the ever useful and practical white button down shirt. The advantage of having one is that you can practically use it for both formal and casual wear. When looking for a white button down shirt, it is important that you get one that does not come with prints or other designs. Just get the simplest you can find and all you need to do to jazz this up is to pair it with the right accessories or with that good pair of jeans or pants. Just that and you are good to go.  
  •  The Little Black Dress
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  Every woman should at least have one little black dress in her closet. This piece of clothing that was made popular by the likes of Coco Chanel and Audrey Hepburn in The Breakfast at Tiffany’s can practically make anyone of any shape and size look good. The great thing about these little black dresses is they can be used for both formal and casual events. If you have yet to get yourself one, then make sure to chose those that are figure-flattering and not loose or lousy.  
  •  The Right Pair of Jeans
The-Jeans Size Modeling
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  When it comes to choosing the right pair of jeans, always opt for the ones that are comfortable and flatters the shape of your legs. As a plus-sized model, it is recommended that you get skinny jeans or dark colored jeans for your wardrobe staple. If you want to go for jeans that do not fully cover your legs, then choose a pair that falls below your legs and ends way above your ankles. This style is more flattering to your legs and will make them look longer. Keep in mind that a good pair of jeans can help you pull off a good ensemble easily. This is because it can be paired with your white button down shirt or just about anything.  
  •  The Perfect Coat
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  When it comes to choosing a coat, do not go for the heavy and bulky in material. This is definitely a big no-no, as heavy coats will not do anything to flatter your figure. The same goes for coats with heavy lining. It is important that you keep your choices to coats in block neutral or dark colors that are light and airy, but will still serve their purpose. These are the ones that you can practically pair up with anything.  
  • The Knee-Length Skirt
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  As a plus size model, go for skirts that falls just to the knees. This length will make you look taller and this will allow you to flatter your voluptuous curves. And, if possible, veer away from flouncy or balloon-style skirts. It is best if you will stick to pencil or A-line skirts.  
  • The Jacket with the Edge
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  This could either be in denim and leather. Having a jacket in your clothing essentials can add some edge to your wardrobe, as this can be paired up with dresses and full outfits to round up your look. Using the right accessories along with that perfect jacket will bring your ensemble a long way. If you are busy going from one audition to another these days, then having the wardrobe staples above will really be a great help. They will allow you to change your looks according to the requirements of casting professionals. Your sense of style will definitely help you gain an edge over others and eventually aid you in acing your plus size modeling auditions.